POLITICS U.S.A. 2016...

POLITICS U.S.A. 2016...




[1] All Armed Forces or a few only!?

[2] Is it easier to only make one AIR CRAFT CARRIER with all Elements including accompanying Destroyers and Supply Ships?
One nuclear submarine. One Nuclear Missile Bunker. One Foreign Air Force base. As the backup Government to USA?

[3] This backup Government only is accessed by the permitted establishment, and only self authority guidance to defend the US Constitution with Amendments and The Republic as is and known.

[4] No new President as on trial has any access to the backup Government of the USA.

[5] Does the backup Government have to be secret, or can it be secret?

[6] The backup Government as these Armed Forces, do not entail in any War, and are only used on practice and Intelligence Service.

[7] The backup Government does not necessarily obey any other Government Structure of the Republic, including the Rest of the Armed Forces, C.I.A., F.B.I.! And only via envoys with Congress or the Supreme Court.

[8] The backup Government Personnel are really a separate bubble, that even has little access to normal civilian life in cities, other than when on leave.

[9] All other functionality is of the BLUE GENE Computer establishment intelligence to determine.

[10] The main prerogatives are to never cause a World War, and is limited only to any attack to the USA, in the determined cases.

[11] The USA backup Government for its perpetual permanence, communicates with the establishment of the USA via envoys, and only in emergency via any other means.
The USA backup Government does not depend on "the people's" Democracy, nor on any State Governor in office. And is the maximum intelligence of the USA.

[12] The USA backup Government never will go "rouge", nor would need to. This is perpetuated by the establishment of USA Ex-Presidents and the USA Constitution with amendments

[13] No President in office can have any power over the Backup Government of the USA.

[14] Once President, you belong by forceful obligation after office, to the Eternal Republic and Empire of the free USA.

[15] During Presidency, the President is an object of supervision and control by the Backup Government of the USA. Exposed to secret judgment, whatever it may be, if deemed be the case by the Backup Government of the USA.

[16] The Republic of the USA and its backup government rule and preside over all other powers if these violate the USA Constitution or other rules and laws, and are run by the establishment.
The democratic "people" cannot modify this, and only receive its benefits as known as of this 21st Century year 2016.


More files of security intel study for USA 2016 and onwards!

4 or even 6 files that are or not of great significance for USA 2016 and the future.

[1] https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/82691550/1942-zacherpresidential-authority-and-nuclear-weapons-DANGEROUS-by-one-deterrant_the2-person-role.pdf

[2] https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/82691550/fabula-de-polifemo_y_Galatea_COPY.pdf

[3] https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/82691550/german-fables-lesser-5.pdf

[4] https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/82691550/word-encrypt-text_to_text-substitution_casas_muertas-2.pdf

[5] https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/82691550/word-encrypt-text_to_text-substitution_political-philosophy.pdf

[6] https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/82691550/tio-conejo-fables-1.pdf

Again gook luck USA! 16 Aug 2016.

George F. Thomson.


Friday, January 15, 2016

JEB BUSH to defend more RELIGIOUS Rights...! WE AGREE...! But where are other basic RIGHTS...???

JEB BUSH to defend more RELIGIOUS Rights...! WE AGREE...! But where are other basic RIGHTS...???


 So I ask?:

 … protect the Bible until Armageddon? 

#anagrammatt #GOPDebate #WhiteHouseTODAY

https://twitter.com/anagrammatt/status/688097844830404608 - https://twitter.com/JebBush/status/688090627746086912 - https://twitter.com/anagrammatt/status/688096468603805696


Thursday, January 21, 2016

A updated POLITICO Profetico for U.S.A....! DO YOU HAVE TO STUDY World POLITICS, FOREIGN AFFAIRS, Economics, to know what you are TALKING about as a GOP or other candidate...??? YOU TELL ME...!!!

A updated POLITICO Profetico for U.S.A....! DO YOU HAVE TO STUDY World POLITICS, FOREIGN AFFAIRS, Economics, to know what you are TALKING about as a GOP or other candidate...??? YOU TELL ME...!!!


Donald Trump’s foreign policy doctrine was wrong 25 years ago. It’s even worse now.

I don't think "winning" means what Donald Trump thinks it means.



...so lets keep on doing profetico about Donald Trump "Scrooge McDuck", and time will tell...!

...A fortress U.S.A. is OK, but not entirely...! It is like a Orthodox Christian wanting to live isolated from the World and Reality in seclusion...!

...no doubt foreign Countries take advantage over local workers and production of U.S.A...! this is no new news or reality either...!

...WHAT IS SCARY IS: A "pampered rich kid" cannot get always his way or OPEN HIS BIG BARN DOOR MOUTH at every World Leader, like a Chavez or other did or does...! U.S.A. fulfills a role more normal than DONALD TRUMP...!

...SO WHO IS WRONG? New York Times, Washington Post, and others, and to some degree myself?


UTOPIA and your RICH World Empire is not for a COUNTRY, AND FAR FAR AWAY FROM THE REALITY OF the poor and low end genetic humans with many defects...!!!
IF YOUR RICH WORLD BUBBLE COULD BE FOR ALL OF US, it would take more than TRUMP for this to happen...!!! AND RICH NORMALLY DO NOT SHARE POWER WITH this slave World of Slave Poor...!

WHAT WORKED in your sometimes HEARTLESS RICH WORLD, does not work in a World you have to serve all!

This Heartless ravaging rampaging yellow hair VIKING thinks you War at a Nation and then take everything, makes OTHER POWERS open to do the same, and then who will win...?

Many other Heroes fought for FREEDOMS leaving their homes and riches! THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN THESE DAYS, of no Legal Revolutions allowed to "SUCH DEVELOPED COUNTRIES"...!

*** the writing is on the "wall", and what will be the interpretation...? ***

"Mene, Mene, Tekel, and Parsin/Peres” - Bible Book of Daniel.

.- ...in god(the gods) we trust...!
.- ...oh Cana_da..., ...God keep our land, glorious and free!, ...Help us to find, O God, in thee,
A lasting rich reward. As waiting for the better day,...!
.- ...Psalms 20:7 ...Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.
They collapse and fall, but we rise and stand upright. O LORD, save the king! May he answer us when we call.
.- ..."he who trusts in might alone, might not see another day...!"
.- ..."he who trusts in money alone, might not be able to buy anything...!"
.- ..."he who trusts in what worked today, might not get it to work tomorrow...!"


[4] http://anagrammatt3.blogspot.ca/2016/01/ok-donaldo-trump-this-is-too-much-so.html

[5] http://anagrammatt3.blogspot.ca/2016/01/i-did-not-say-it-i-sure-thought-it.html



Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A U.S.A. Politico Profetico! Are "TRUMPS" foreign trade policies and Economic plans really a "FIASCO"?

Election 2016: Your money, your vote

Donald Trump's big economic plan: Fix U.S. trade

by Heather Long   @byHeatherLong March 15, 2016: 2:20 PM ET



 "The great American middle class is disappearing. One of the factors driving this economic devastation is America's disastrous trade policies," Trump wrote in a new op-ed in USA Today.

He says he'll use his deal making skills to turn America back into a winner in trade with China, Mexico and others.

But business leaders and economists from both sides of the aisle warn Trump's idea to slap hefty fees on Chinese and Mexican imports -- as much as 45% -- would be disastrous for the economy.

Here's a rundown of Trump's key arguments on trade. Exit polls show the issue is winning Trump votes. He hopes it will lead to victory in Ohio in a close matchup with Governor John Kasich.

1. Trump's claim: Trade is killing jobs
"Trade is a factor, but technological change has been more important," says Robert Lawrence, professor of international trade at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. Computers and robots are replacing manufacturing jobs. The predictions are that even more positions -- including "highly skilled" ones -- will be replaced by robots in the coming years.
2. Trump: Ohio has lost 100,000 jobs to trade
3. Trump's plan: The art of the (trade) deal
Trump's solution is to renegotiate trade agreements (the U.S. currently has 20 free-trade deals in place) and put taxes (known as tariffs) on Chinese and Mexican imports.
The problem is China and Mexico aren't likely to send Trump a thank you note. They would probably retaliate by putting taxes on U.S. goods coming into their countries. It could cause a global trade war.
"His plan to put on a 35% tariff on goods imported would sink this country into a recession. It would penalize global companies that are trying to be competitive globally," HP Enterprises (HPE, Tech30) CEO Meg Whitman, a prominent Republican, said recently.
4. Trump says stop the TPP trade deal

The bottom line

Bashing trade is helping Trump win votes. But both Republican and Democratic experts warn his plan to "fix" trade deals could cause an economic war that leaves Americans even worse off.
CNNMoney (New York) First published March 15, 2016: 1:04 PM ET


A U.S.A. Politico Profetico! Are "TRUMPS" foreign trade policies and Economic plans really a "FIASCO"?

...i say we are in a Globalized World, and we cannot build a CASTLE TRUMP USA isolated on a hilltop!

...i do agree, there has to be a way of making it a more level playing field for USA jobs! But for this, how do you increase wages, or lower goods costs, to compete with cheap overseas labor?

...Donaldo TRUMPET, your TRUMP is very clearly a FIASCO! Your empire is due to non level playing fields! SO YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT MORE LEVEL FOR ALL! The big question is, the IGNORANCE of your supporters is deplorable! And we do not know how you are going to do so many miracles with your magic wand!

...But folks, alerting the angry ignorants, that TRUMP could be worse than the SICKNESS, has never been easy with guys like this!

...WHAT EVERYBODY is ignoring, is that the Car industry and Electronics has topped relatively to durability, quality, value, usage devaluation, population, wages, and World Economy...! And is living off a bigger cycle of Population Growth, which is the death of our Planet, but a lot of Capitalism depends on this deadly principle! More buyer for more items! Plus Global Warming and CO2 emissions!

SO EVERYBODY IS SWEARING "TRUMP" is their SAVIOR PANACEA, and today there is no PANACEA for the complexity of the ECONOMY!

SOMETIMES AS SOME WORLD COUNTRIES, YOU GIVE A TRY TO A STYLE OF GOVERNMENT, AND THEN THE TURN AROUND or comeback is very hard to do! NOBODY in their wildest dreams, would expect something so bad to happen to USA!






Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Please see what happened and is happening to VENEZUELA! SAVE us from TRUMP and prices in NORTH AMERICA! THINGS AINT cheapening! SO HOW CAN "TRUMPET" cheapen things...???

¡PARA LLORAR! Un venezolano requiere de 19 salarios mínimo para comprarse unos…

Maduradas's profile photo


¡PARA LLORAR! Un venezolano requiere de 19 salarios mínimo para comprarse unos zapatos Adidas
TO CRY! A Venezuelan requires 19 minimum wages to buy shoes Adidas!


Please see what happened and is happening to VENEZUELA! SAVE us from TRUMP and prices in NORTH 
AMERICA! THINGS AINT cheapening! SO HOW CAN "TRUMPET" cheapen things...???

Please, USA and Canada are not going that way too...!!!





Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Well google and USA, and the rest of the World. I WAS WAITING FOR THIS...! Donald Trump and Atlantic City...!

Well google and USA, and the rest of the World. I WAS WAITING FOR THIS...! Donald Trump and Atlantic City...!

Donald Trump praises Saddam Hussein for killing terrorists

Toronto Star - ‎2 hours ago‎
RALEIGH, N.C. - Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who frequently criticizes U.S. foreign policy under President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has praised former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's ...

Donald Trump Blew Another Good News Cycle

TIME - ‎1 hour ago‎
Donald Trump, incapable of allowing a positive news cycle to pass without stepping on it, accused Clinton of “bribing” federal officials in the email case at a rally Tuesday night and then praised former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Donald Trump's Star of David Tweet Is Causing His Son-in-Law Big Problems

Fortune - ‎3 hours ago‎
Donald Trump's Star of David controversy has now come home to roost. His Saturday tweet of an image of Hillary Clinton superimposed on a pile of $100 bills along with the words “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!

The Biggest Danger for Donald Trump: Florida

New York Times - ‎4 hours ago‎
The Little Havana neighborhood in Miami. The growth of the Hispanic population in Florida poses a problem for Donald Trump.

How Long Can Donald Trumps Twitter Troll Ringmaster Hold On?

Daily Beast - ‎4 hours ago‎
Dan Scavino, Donald Trump's social media chief, once shared a video he claimed was of Syrian refugees rallying in support of ISIS in the streets of Germany.

Hillary Clinton to Criticize Donald Trump's Casino Record in Atlantic City Speech

Wall Street Journal - ‎1 hour ago‎
ATLANTIC CITY, N.J.--Democrat Hillary Clinton will travel to the boardwalk here Wednesday to spotlight Republican rival Donald Trump's serial casino bankruptcies, saying he left a “wake of destruction” while enriching himself, a campaign aide said.

The White Trash Theory of Donald Trump

New Republic - ‎3 hours ago‎
Is Donald Trump a white trash icon? His hair is as teased and artificial as Dolly Parton's; his eternally pursed lips recall Elvis's, minus the sensuality; his orange skin suggests the kind of cosmetic mask that Tammy Faye Bakker once kept between ...

In 'Donald Trump, PhD,' Scientists Find Catharsis Amid Gags

Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription) - ‎6 hours ago‎
If Donald J. Trump were in the sciences he would build a big, beautiful publisher paywall, create more faculty jobs on American soil, and of course, make science great again.

What is Bob Corker Doing With Donald Trump?

Roll Call - ‎6 hours ago‎
But when presumptive GOPpresidential nominee Donald Trump brought the Tennessee Republican up on stage Tuesday night in a historic performing arts facility that's played host to the likes of Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles, he sounded like he didn't know ...

Donald Trump's Love Affair With White Supremacists

Mother Jones - ‎20 hours ago‎
The big Donald Trump news over the holiday weekend was Stargate. This refers not to the TV show, but to the Star of David on top of a pile of money that he retweeted to symbolize how corrupt Hillary Clinton is.

Donald Trump Still Finds Few Backers in Congress

Wall Street Journal - ‎15 hours ago‎
WASHINGTON—Less than two weeks before the Republican convention, the party's congressional wing is no more enthusiastic about Donald Trump for president than when he clinched the nomination two months ago. Several Republicans are withholding ...

Actress Who Wrote Ridiculous, Fake-Seeming Zambia Memoir Is Dating Donald Trump's Finance Chair

Jezebel - ‎39 minutes ago‎
In a beautiful and yet deeply meaningless coincidence, Buzzfeed News is reporting that Louise Linton, the Scottish actress who wrote a moderately racist and very silly memoir about living in Zambia, is dating Donald Trump's finance chairman. The human ...

In Donald Trump VP search, Mike Pence 'rings the most bells'

Indianapolis Star - ‎16 hours ago‎
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is widely regarded as the best choice to become Donald Trump's running mate, several Republican strategists told IndyStar, and his recent visit with Trump signals he is willing to join the ticket.

Donald Trump rallies in Raleigh

WCNC.com - ‎13 hours ago‎
RALEIGH, N.C. -- Energy was high at Donald Trump's rally in Raleigh Tuesday night. The Republican presidential nominee talked about ISIS, House Bill 2, and what he says is a rigged political system.

A Twitter warning for Donald Trump: the retweet defence is no defence at all

The Guardian - ‎21 hours ago‎
Donald Trump has been tying himself in knots over an image of Hillary Clinton - featuring the words “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!

Donald Trump on the FBI's Clinton email decision: 'Poor Bernie Sanders'

Business Insider - ‎14 hours ago‎
Donald Trump named Bernie Sanders on Tuesday as the biggest loser of the FBI's decision to not recommend charges be brought against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email system as secretary of state.

Donald Trump's alt-right problem

The Boston Globe - ‎21 hours ago‎
Donald Trump is getting support - and seeking it - from some of the murkiest, creepiest corners of the Internet. On Saturday, the day Hillary Clinton was interviewed by the FBI, the GOP presidential candidate tweeted out an image of her on a ...

Donald Trump Meets With Potential Vice President Picks

Vanity Fair - ‎Jul 5, 2016‎
Joni Ernst, a Republican senator from Iowa, is on the list of potential vice presidents under consideration by Donald Trump, who met with her in New Jersey on Monday. He was sure to tweet about the meeting both before and after, making Trump's vetting ...

Old SEC Filing Shows Donald Trump More Than Doubled His Net Worth Over the Last Four Years

Gawker - ‎18 hours ago‎
Donald Trump more than doubled his net worth over the last four years, according to a 2012 SEC filing, a testament to his extraordinary mind and unique business acumen.

The Theology of Donald Trump

New York Times - ‎Jul 5, 2016‎
SINCE Donald Trump assures us that the Bible is his favorite book, it's worth asking: Just what is his theology? After Mr. Trump met with hundreds of evangelical Christians a couple of weeks ago, James Dobson, who is among the most influential leaders ...


...i do not think or expect we need to know much more...!!!

...IF AMERICANS or this WORLD wants Donald Trump, 'I will be darned'...!




Thursday, July 21, 2016

FOR U.S.A. History file! How can you tell TRUMP to shut up as a PRESIDENT, that you cannot say all those things! And worse: "Op-Ed If Trump wins, a coup isn't impossible here in the U.S."...!

FOR U.S.A. History file! How can you tell TRUMP to shut up as a PRESIDENT, that you cannot say all those things!

Op-Ed If Trump wins, a coup isn't impossible here in the U.S.

George Frederick Thomson

Shared publicly  -  10:29 AM

Blimpish swagger might fly within the patriarchal confines of a family business...or a dictatorship. It does not work, however, in a liberal democracy.

I cannot foresee any Jesus or God doing much more for USA, than he has done for himself! Anything further for himself would be more power DICTATOR style and for longer with even successors!

Suck it up USA, you might in for the ride of your lives!






Thursday, July 21, 2016

Your HISTORY U.S.A. is surely written on the WALL...! I mean how can so many be so wrong about T.R.U.M.P. in the RUMP...?

Your HISTORY U.S.A. is surely written on the WALL...! I mean how can so many be so wrong about T.R.U.M.P. in the RUMP...?

i am sure that Trump has said enough of non-sense ! so all we are lacking is to stop his non-sense for good!

Anatomy of Donald J. Trump – TheTLS

I’ve been thinking about Donald Trump – or trying to. You might have noticed that unless Mr Trump is shouting at us from behind a forest of microphones, dressed in one of his ill-fitting suits, preening and grimacing

Ginsburg Was Right: Trump Is Faking It

This may be the only explanation for the behavior of Donald Trump that makes any sense.

...more than good luck U.S.A...! sometimes you have to say "how dumb can they be", to be willfully "fucked up"...?

...in pure logic, sometimes the safer solution, is what seems the worst, and this is Hillary R. Clinton...! you U.S.A. want to risk this bum shit of TRUMP, i wish you all well...!

...Donald Trump, is not a "BLUE GENE" analysis solution, in any scenario...!






Friday, July 22, 2016

USA i prefer boiled Broccoli...! Globe and Mail cartoon!

USA i prefer boiled Broccoli...!


Browse July's work by Brian Gable and David Parkins
...the worst of Hillary as President could be better than the best of Trump...! Finally all said and done!




Sunday, July 24, 2016

D.J. Trumpet ...d.j. trump does not really have a heart for you, much less for the poor of U.S.A. ...all he can loose is his skin and life at the presidential run! he is paying himsefl money back from the campaign donors, and actually could make more money out of it...!


D.J. Trumpet

...d.j. trump does not really have a heart for you, much less for the "poor" of U.S.A.
...all he can loose is his skin and life at the presidential run! he is paying himself money back from the campaign donors, and actually could make more money out of it!
...i do not know how this is all legal, and not really a lying thief!
...I TOLD YOU ALL, A RICH brat like Trump will not loose nothing for you! though risking his skin, life or health, is a risk he takes!
...He has no real heart for you Americans, he is in it for himself! OBVIOUS!
...ANY POLICY HE MAKES will have in the fine balanced World economy, a ripple effect of big loosers and a few winners! but never big winners and a few loosers!
...obvious! this guy plays "the pyramid stocks"...!
...any presidential policy will fill his pockets as ever before anywhere in the World! STUPID AMERICANS!


The 239 People, Places and Things Donald
Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List

UPDATED June 30, 2016 Related Article



Exposing How Donald Trump Really Made His Fortune: Inheritance from Dad and the Government's Protection Mostly Did the Trick
A film excerpt tells the real story about how Trump got so obscenely rich.
By Brian Miller, Mike Lapham / Berrett-Koehler Publishers



Donald Trump’s Self-Funding Includes Payments to Family and His CompaniesBy ALAN RAPPEPORTJUNE 21, 2016





D.J. Trumpet

...d.j. trump does not really have a heart for you, much less for the poor of U.S.A.
...all he can loose is his skin and life at the presidential run! he is paying himself money back from the campaign donors, and actually could make more money out of it!
...i do not know how this is all legal, and not really a lying thief!
...I TOLD YOU ALL, A RICH brat like Trump will not loose nothing for you! though risking his skin, life or health, is a risk he takes!
...He has no real heart for you Americans, he is in it for himself! OBVIOUS!
...ANY POLICY HE MAKES will have in the fine balanced World economy, a ripple effect of big loosers and a few winners! but never big winners and a few loosers!
...obvious! this guy plays "the pyramid stocks"...!
...any presidential policy will fill his pockets as ever before anywhere in the World! STUPID AMERICANS!
...STUPID AMERICANS! D.J trumpet is a big "white collar" thief and has never hurt his hands working hard at really anything! he is a pampered rich kid, isolated from the real rough and tumble world!




Editorial: Donald Trump, Canada and the world

1021 photo reimagined Montreal Gazette Editorial Board
More from Montreal Gazette Editorial Board   
Published on: July 22, 2016 | Last Updated: July 22, 2016 4:30 PM EDT



[[["...In his speech in Cleveland Thursday, Donald Trump made his pitch to American voters perfectly clear. The Republican presidential nominee is presenting himself as a father figure who will take care of a fearful and frustrated nation, and — using sharp negotiating skills — lead its people to safety and prosperity.

How exactly he would make good on this remains a mystery, given that his policies seem likely to produce the opposite results, and do toxic damage not only to his own country, but also to international security, the global economy and efforts to counter climate change.

For Canadians, so closely linked to the United States economically, militarily and personally, the damaging effects of a Trump presidency could be especially profound..."]]]


...i do not know how any americans maths is not negative, to think that Trump is going to make it positive!

Your History USA 2017 and onwards will soon be known!
I do hope you have an easy return road!




Why Trump will never be presidential

By Dean Obeidallah

Updated 9:44 AM ET, Tue July 26, 2016


this wacko now is using his name as chavez-venezuela than saying "i" or "me...! helloouuuuu...! this guy is possessed and toast...!


 (CNN)If you're waiting for Donald Trump to pivot to become "presidential" -- a candidate who will stay on message and, objectively speaking, not hurt his own campaign -- then I have one word for you. Stop. Really. Because it just isn't going to happen.
The latest example of Trump's self-destructive tendencies came Friday morning, about 12 hours after a speech at the Republican National Convention that even Trump critics like CNN's S.E. Cupp praised for suggesting he might have "the discipline so many believed he lacks."

Here was Trump in front of his convention staffers and volunteers with the national media watching. This was truly an ideal opportunity to hammer home his campaign themes and attack Hillary Clinton after a convention that was, in truth, a bit of a mess. But instead, Trump used this press conference to settle a score with Ted Cruz, who had defiantly refused to endorse Trump a few days before.

And not only did Trump ridicule Cruz. In a jaw-dropping moment, he chose to resurface the allegation that Cruz's father was somehow linked to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, a claim that had been debunked as a "Pants on fire" lie by Politifact when Trump originally raised the issue in May. Trump went on to praise the National Enquirer as deserving of a "Pulitzer Prize" for some of its reporting.
Unsurprisingly, the headlines from his press conference were all about these comments, not Trump's campaign themes.
Yes, we all know Trump's supporters love it when he does this type of stuff. But here's the thing: the GOP primaries are over. We are in the general election phase, and Trump will need to expand his base or he very easily could lose. No doubt Trump knows this, too.

So the obvious question is why won't Trump stay on message and stop effectively sabotaging his own campaign? Simple: He can't help himself for two reasons.
First, Trump thrives on entertaining his fans, even if it's detrimental in terms of the big picture. He even admitted as much in April on Fox News when he candidly stated, "I can tell you that if I go too presidential, people are going to be very bored," adding some in the audience might "fall asleep." And just a few weeks ago Trump remarked at a packed campaign rally that if he stuck to using a Teleprompter, "I'd have about 12 people here instead of 7,000."
Trump sounds less like a presidential candidate focused on substantive issues and more like a performer whose priority is to pack the house and entertain the audience.
Indeed, at Friday's press conference, Trump "performed" for his supporters once again, including an impression of Ted Cruz. Entertaining, yes. But way off message. He did the same thing a few weeks ago at a rally, going so far off message that The New York Times dubbed it "a striking display of self-sabotage."

While I have never met Trump, I have known many "Trump" type comedians in the years I've performed stand-up comedy. They, like Trump, are often self-sabotaging in terms of their careers. For example, some are so seduced by the big laughs they will perform material that they know won't help in the long run, but which can be very crowd-pleasing in the short-term. (This can range from sexually graphic material to jokes extremely derivative of those used by better-known comedians.)

Follow @CNNOpinion

Some of these comics have tried to "pivot" to more original comedy. The problem is that their new material typically isn't as crowd-pleasing. So they soon revert back to the old material, even though they know it will likely ultimately hurt their career. Trump is cut from the same cloth.
Another similarity I've noticed between Trump and some of the comedians I know is that he appears to be narcissistic in the extreme. That's just not my opinion, but one also seemingly shared by various health care professionals.

This personality trait can lead to arrogance and insecurity, and can drive people to lash out at critics. In fact, Trump has done just that for years -- responding harshly to anyone critical of him, from fellow politicians like Cruz to the media to comedians like Jon Stewart, who Trump tweeted about in 2013 after Stewart ridiculed his intelligence: "I promise you that I'm much smarter than Jonathan Leibowitz -- I mean Jon Stewart @TheDailyShow. Who, by the way, is totally overrated."
The bottom line? We can forget about Trump ever being presidential. Trump's desperate need to entertain, and his consistently demonstrated narcissism, may make for an interesting combination of personality traits when we're talking about comedians.

But he isn't auditioning for a chance to share his latest stand-up routine on stage. He is running to become president of the United States. And that truly would be a disaster.




A final response to the "Tell me why Trump is a fascist".

Trump openly calls for the U.S to commit war crimes and advocates for the murder of innocent women and children.

Trump doubles down after veterans speak out claiming U.S soldiers would not commit war crimes or torture children even if ordered to. Trump responds with, “They’re not going to refuse me. If I say do it, they’re going to do it.“

Trump on torture: “Even if it doesn’t work they probably deserved it anyway.”

Trump renews calls for torture citing public executions and mass rape committed by ISIS promising for the U.S to do the same, “fighting fire with fire.”

Trump says Geneva Conventions a problem and needs to be changed since, US soldiers are to afraid to do their job due to laws which outline the definition of war crimes.

Trump threatens to shoot down Russian planes starting war with Russia.

Trump says he, "won’t rule out” using nuclear weapons in Europe.

Trump calls for a global nuclear rearmament.

Trump says he would declare a World War as President.

Trump's solution for high gas prices is to violate The Geneva Convention by invading several of America's allies in the Middle East and Africa unprovoked to forcibly seize the oil fields for himself.

When asked for clarification about the above mentioned plan to steal land from multiple nations on two different continents Trump responded with, “We’re not stealing anything. We’re taking.“

Trump says during debate he wants to invade Syria with 30,000 soldiers.

Trump runs TV add promising to seize foreign oil fields.

Trump promises mandatory Death Penalty for anyone accused of murdering a police officer despite no legal grounds to impose that.

Trump thinks lethal injection is “too comfortable” Wants to devise a more painful way to execute people.

The man Trump hired to write his books for him says he honestly believes Trump would start a nuclear war if president.

Anne Frank's sister (now 86 years old) says that Trump reminds her of Hitler.

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un endorses Donald Trump.

Russian leader with history of human rights abuses Vladimir Putin endorses Trump.

Imam of known Islamic Terrorist (Omar Mateen) endorses Trump.

K.K.K endorses Trump.

Convicted Neo-Nazi Terrorist Don Black endorses Trump.

Chinese Communist Party endorses Trump.

Serbian War Criminal Vojislav Seselj endorses Trump.

Greek Neo-Nazi leader Ilias Panagiotaros endorses Trump.

White supremacist cult leader August Kreis III endorses Trump during sentencing hearing after he is found guilty of child molestation.

Russian Fascist Aleksandr Dugin endorses Trump.

Trump brags about endorsement from convicted murderer and repeatedly accused fraudster Don King.

Trump praises Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein.

Trump retweets quote from Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini.

Trump uses picture of Nazi soldiers in official campaign poster.

Trump picks famed Neo-Nazi White Supremacist Leader as Delegate.

Trump's son gives interview with Holocaust denying radio show host who wants to bring back slavery. Trump then gives the radio host press credentials and invites him to events.

Trump tweets anti-Semitic Hillary Clinton picture created by Neo-Nazis.

Legal Experts find dozens of Trump policy propositions that would violate the constitution. “Trump is threat to rule of law.”

Trump Retweets message from Pro-Hitler, white genocide conspiracy Twitter account multiple times.

Law Scholars agree, in order to enact plans Trump would have to violate First Amendment, Fifth Amendment, Bill of Rights, 14th Amendment, due process, equal protection, and the doctrine of enumerated and limited executive powers.

The ACLU made a list of all of Trumps unconstitutional propositions. (It’s 28 pages long.)

Trump's Immigration plan unconstitutional.

Trump's Muslim plan unconstitutional.

Trump pledges to open up Libel Laws on Newspapers in order to curb Freedom of the Press.

Trump fights against separation of Church and State.

Trump promises to violate freedom of religion and freedom of speech to force retail workers to say Merry Christmas again.

Trump argues for the repeal of the 14th Amendment (Which would allow for the creation of a government similar to the totalitarian police state from the novel Starship Troopers in which Americans could only earn their rights through loyalty to the government.)

Co-Chair of Trump's Presidential campaign calls for black attorney general to be lynched.

Top Trump ally threatens GOP delegates who won’t vote for Trump with being executed for treason.

Senior Trump Campaign staffer calls for police to make black community leader and political opponent “disappear”

Trump's right hand man made millions working for Arms Dealers, Dictators and War Criminals and defending them from allegations of torture and genocide.

Trump supporter arrested building pipe bombs to target Muslims.

Trump supporting ex-cop calls for, “lone-wolf patriots” to murder blacks at The GOP convention.

Trump supporter yells pro trump slogan before open firing and murdering 6 people.

Trump refuses to condemn violence committed by his supporters.

Trump supporters chant at rally for Hillary to be lynched.

Trump supporters shout racist/sexist/homophobic chants at rallies.

Trump supporters try and ruin the life of the journalist who reported the above story.

Trump supporters send sexist/anti-semitic death threats to journalist.

Trump supporter physically attacks minorities at gas station.

Trump files DMCA notices to get micropenis painting taken off the internet. Art galleries refuse to exhibit it after threats of violence from Trump supporters over the depiction.

Trump supporters send death threats to artist for making aforementioned painting of Trump depicting him with a small penis.

Trump supporters track down previously mentioned artist through home address and brutally assault her.

Trump encourages his supporters to use violence, again and again and again.

When asked for comments on two of his supporters who brutally beat and urinated on homeless man, Trump responds by defending the men as just being “passionate”.

Trump defends his supporters attacking man with, “He was obnoxious maybe he should have been roughed up.”

Trump tells crowd he would love to punch protesters.

Trump may pay legal fees for supporters arrested for assault.

Trump supporters shout N-Word while they beat African American man so badly he’s hospitalized for concussion.

Mob of Trump supporters brutally attack meditating man for having sign saying, “America is already great.”

Trump claims pictures of woman savagely beaten was a Trump supporter assaulted by democrats until image revealed to have been a hoax showing actress Samara Weaving on the set of a Television show.

Trump supporters call for black man to be lynched and set on fire while shouting, “Sieg Heil!” at Trump rally.

Trump Supporter laughs while attacking peaceful protesters and reporters with pepper spray.

Trump supporters start physical altercations and spits on Latino after being “revved up” during rally.

Trump supporter who beat and kicked protester charged with assault.

Trump supporter pepper sprays a 15-year-old girl point-blank in the face after she was sexually assaulted by another Trump supporter, shouting “nigger lover” as she attempted to run away.

Trump supporters attempt to provoke violence telling Jews to, “go back to fucking Auschwitz” and accosting black woman screaming in her face for her to “go back to Africa.”

Trump supporter who sucker punched protester, “Next time, we might have to kill them.”

Trump bodyguard throws veteran White House photographer to the ground and chokes him.

Trump security refuses to allow black Muslim woman into event despite her having bought a ticket and being a Trump supporter. Yet let white anti-trump protesters into event. When confronted over the racism security guard says, “If I’m told by Trump’s campaign that some people can’t come in they can’t come in.”

Trump brags he could murder someone and still not lose support.



Thursday, July 28, 2016

USA and English WORLD...! Has Maddoff escaped jail or CHAVEZ-Venezuela resurrected into D.J. TRUMP...? There is this song for you from own selves...!!!

USA and English WORLD...! Has Maddoff escaped jail or CHAVEZ-Venezuela resurrected into D.J. TRUMP...? There is this song for you from own selves...!!!

It is being even sung to you!


<iframe width="267" height="150" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/6RrZDgeATKk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>






We Need To Talk With America Before It's Too Late



So pity some of these poor Americans, decades of expensive wars, the decimation of the manufacturing sector, the off-shoring of corporate profits, the urban neglect, the radicalization of the disenfranchised, the bank bailouts, and the mortgage implosions. No wonder they are angry. I don't blame them. They need help, or a hug, or something. Something other than Trump.

But Trump doesn't need the money most politicians need to win a campaign. He's got that. He's beholden to no one, not even the Koch brothers. And that's the bit that really scares me. He's a manipulative benefactor of the decisions made during the post Operation Desert Shield by the Bush family who, ironically, were nowhere to be seen at the RNC convention that nominated him.

Of course, we're not talking about all Americans. The US chose hope and change with Obama and, despite the gloomy start, the US is much better off than it was in 2008. I don't care what side of the political spectrum you are on, numbers, unlike people, don't lie.


...so it could be too late!
...well i find it so hard for a country of the art of "super heroes and villains", the C.I.A. and F.B.I., well "educated patriots" and top Military, to fall into the treachery tricks of a master con like "Bloomberg" indicated about D.J. Trump...!
...though we can say of many things "FUNNIER OR WORSE THINGS HAVE HAPPENED"...! This one would not have a funnier or worse thing to happen, as it should not happen: FULL STOP...!!!

...SIMPLY because there is too much in play and at stake, beyond poor and homeless Americans, that do not know that the USA is a good country in comparison, to others that do not have the beatitudes of USA, and the size of 500million population!

...POOR PEOPLE MIGHT KNOW WHAT THEY WANT, what they do not know is, that it is very hard for this World and USA to be much better...!!!

...WHEN YOU BUILD A COUNTRY AND CASTLE ON A HILL, like D.J. Trumps small empire of 4Billion, really meaningless, YOU CAN MAKE YOURSELF A BIGGER TARGET than the USA has ever been...!!! AND MANY OTHER BAD THINGS...!!!

...IF D.J. TRUMP even disappears and his little bubble World, only a few thousand would feel the damage for a while...!

...YOU FUCK UP USA worse than what it is today, AND THE WHOLE WORLD WILL SUFFER...!!! That is the so big ignorance of even TRUMP...!!!



George Frederick Thomson

Shared publicly  -  11:17 AM
...go my Queen, goooo...!!!

Clinton has regained the slight lead she had over Trump ahead of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland


George Frederick Thomson

Shared publicly  -  11:15 AM
...man you are a man...!!!

...i wonder what Rump thinks he is? a jerk?


In a strongly worded statement, Mr. McCain said Mr. Trump’s remarks disparaging a fallen soldier’s family do not “represent the views of our Republican Party.”


George Frederick Thomson

Shared publicly  -  11:20 AM
...i think he is at the top of his IQ capacity already...!

...it is like banging his hollow head...!

As his behaviour grows more bizarre, more and more analysts are asking if there’s something off with the Republican candidate.


George Frederick Thomson

Shared publicly  -  11:18 AM
...secrets of company of obscure nature...???
Voters deserve to know what the Republican nominee is hiding.


George Frederick Thomson

Shared publicly  -  11:23 AM
...are they in the secret "xxx" business...???
...run USA...!!!
Donald Trump’s campaign on Sunday defended his wife’s old nude photos as an artful “celebration of the human body” and added that the Republican presidential nominee isn’t upset by their publicatio…


George Frederick Thomson

Shared publicly  -  11:24 AM
In his heyday, the beloved Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti was committed to bringing the music of Puccini, a fixture in opera houses everywhere, to the ...


Donald Trump's business failures: a comprehensive guide http://www.newsweek.com

Donald Trump Won't 'Counter Punch' Warren Buffett on Tax Challenge - http://goo.gl/news/nZYrU  via http://news.google.com/  #abiteinthechunk

Donald Trump has no idea what his "rigged election" talk could unleash - http://goo.gl/news/hIBkz  via http://news.google.com/  #anagrammatt

Hillary Clinton gets convention bump and a little help from Donald Trump - http://goo.gl/news/8LR46  via http://news.google.com/

'Why are you still endorsing him?' Obama asks Republican leaders about Trump - http://goo.gl/news/1iTbA  via http://news.google.com/

House Republican Backs Hillary Clinton, Calling Donald Trump 'Unfit to Serve' - http://goo.gl/news/Z7nuh  via http://news.google.com/

We need to talk with America before it's too late: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/louise-wallace/talking-with-america_b_11232306.html … via @HuffPostCanada - take a hike Trump!




Another Bimbo of Trump. His Economic team of "the people" FLEECERS...!



Donald Trump’s new team of billionaire advisers could threaten his populist message
By Jim Tankersley August 5 at 12:24 PM

(Michael Reynolds/European Pressphoto Agency)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Friday announced a new team of ultra-rich financiers and businessmen as his core economic advisers, a move that brings high-profile names to his inner circle but also may step on his populist claims to save America's middle class.

The list includes strikingly few academic policy experts, usually the bread-and-butter of campaign policy teams. Instead, the advisory team of 13 men — and no women — consists largely of personal friends or longtime business associates of Trump. The median net worth of Trump's official economic advisers appears to be at least several hundred million dollars.

That wealthy group includes Harold Hamm, a self-made oil billionaire who was a top energy adviser to Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign; Dan DiMicco, a former chief executive of steelmaker Nucor; Steven Mnuchin, Trump's national finance director, who is chairman and chief executive of the hedge fund Dune Capital Management; Steve Roth, founder and chief executive of Vornado Realty Trust; hedge fund billionaire John Paulson; Howard Lorber, chief executive of the Vector Group; real estate investor Tom Barrack; bankers Stephen M. Calk and Andy Beal; and financier Steve Feinberg.

The only academic economist on the team — the only one who has a doctorate in economics — is Peter Navarro of the University of California at Irvine, who focuses on trade with China, and who three times ran unsuccessfully for public office in San Diego. The leading tax expert is Stephen Moore, who founded the Club for Growth and was a longtime columnist for the Wall Street Journal. There's a former U.S. Senate candidate, David Malpass, who served in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations.

On a campaign staff level, the team is led by policy director Stephen Miller, a former aide to Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, and deputy director Dan Kowalski.

Trump's outsider crew at times conflicts with his message of economic populism. He has painted Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as the candidate of Wall Street, but his team is filled with hedge fund managers, bankers and real estate speculators. Hedge fund manager John Paulson made a fortune betting against the U.S. housing bubble before the financial crisis. Among the subsidiaries for Lorber's company is the fourth-largest tobacco company in the United States.

“I am pleased that we have such a formidable group of experienced and talented individuals that will work with me to implement real solutions for the economic issues facing our country," Trump said in a statement announcing the team. "For too long we have watched as President Obama and Hillary Clinton have ruined our economy and decimated the middle class. I am going to be the greatest jobs President our country has ever seen. We will do more for the hardworking people of our country and Make America Great Again.”

But others sharply criticized the choice. Justin Wolfers, an economist at the University of Michigan's Ford School of Public Policy, wrote that Trump betrayed his promise with the selection of the team.

    Trump's most credible "policy" was his promise to work with the best people. By any measure, he's totally failed. His advisers are a wreck.

    — Justin Wolfers (@JustinWolfers) August 5, 2016

The announcement came ahead of a Detroit speech on Monday where he will lay out his economic plan for America in more detail.

Trump's pitch has always been, in part, what you might call trickle-down expertise: The most successful members of the business worlds, the titans of the 1 percent, know what it takes to save to save the middle class. The advisers reinforce that idea. Lorber, for example, earned $42.5 million in 2015, and his compensation package, according to real estate news site the Real Deal, included the use of a company car and driver, club memberships, corporate plane use and a $90,000 allowance for lodging and expenses.

The group also reinforces Trump's credentials as an outsider, anti-establishment politician. Historically, presidential nominees carry over at least a few top economic advisers from their parties' past nominees, and they often pick up some of the advisers from their rivals in the primaries. Trump has done neither — with the exception of Hamm.

Wonkbook newsletter

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His named team has exactly zero of the biggest-name academic economists who traditionally advise Republicans.

(Trump also takes economic advice from several people who aren't listed in Friday's release, including Arthur Laffer, the former Reagan economist who is the godfather of supply-side economics; Larry Kudlow, a financial commentator who is a Laffer disciple; and Trump's own children, including his daughter Ivanka.)

Just as Trump is leaning heavily on people he knows, in industries he travels, or whose policy beliefs match up well with his own, rival Clinton's inner circle also includes some longtime associates, such as Neera Tanden and Gene Sperling. But she also has spent two years reaching out to more than 200 experts, some of whom she had never met before, to build a sprawling economic agenda.

You can see that contrast in their policy proposals thus far. Trump's are few and focused. Clinton's are many, and detailed. Both have the same stated goal: lifting middle-class incomes. Trump promises more detail next week on how he would do that, starting with a speech in Detroit.

The real estate mogul continues facing intense scrutiny over his qualifications for the presidency, which Hillary Clinton's campaign has eagerly exploited. The former secretary of state has regularly called Trump’s grasp of policy issues into question, homing in on foreign policy in particular and calling his views on international relations “dangerous.”


...obviously, this is a "fleecing" team...! and USA you had better clean up your act...!

...trump is even having fun telling everybody too...! utterly ridiculous...! the method is, brainwash them now, telling them,...! so that it does not surprise them so much! and they even accept it all...!





Sunday, August 7, 2016

A SUNDAY Politico Olimpico...! Trump still hanging the GOP Republicans!


A SUNDAY Politico Olympico...! Trump still hanging the GOP Republicans! 

The GOP leadership continues to stand behind their endorsements of Trump.

George Frederick Thomson

Shared publicly  -  10:18 AM
...hanging on to Trump...! and Trump is tricking them still...!

...then they will get really "fucked up" worse than they are already...!

...Republicans with Trump, might not ever be again...! Because of all the dirt...!!!

...i think Trump is burying them all...!!!



[19] ...for December 2016 till elections, unless something else transpires...!

Monday, August 8, 2016




The unbearable stench of Trump’s B.S.




By Fareed Zakaria Opinion writer August 4

A few days ago, I was asked on CNN to make sense of one more case in which Donald Trump had said something demonstrably false and then explained it away with a caustic tweet and an indignant interview. I replied that there was a pattern here and a term for a person who did this kind of thing: a “bullshit artist.” I got cheers and boos for the comment from partisans on both sides, but I was not using that label casually. Trump is many things, some of them dark and dangerous, but at his core, he is a B.S. artist.



Harry Frankfurt concludes that liars and truth-tellers are both acutely aware of facts and truths. They are just choosing to play on opposite sides of the same game to serve their own ends. The B.S. artist, however, has lost all connection with reality. He pays no attention to the truth. “By virtue of this,” Frankfurt writes, “bullshit is a greater enemy of truth than lies are.”

We see the consequences. As the crazy talk continues, standard rules of fact, truth and reality have disappeared in this campaign. Donald Trump has piled such vast quantities of his trademark product into the political arena that the stench is now overwhelming and unbearable.


...B.S. is bullshit, and folks bullshit stinks, and especially on a pretty face that wants you to like his looks and yellow hair...!

...If Trump colored his hair reddish-orange they would have compassion of him as gay!
...If Trump colored his hair black they would joke of the nice brunette...!

So what is he? A blonde B.S. bullshit pretty face! So lets dirty that face folks, with plenty of dirt!

Somehow I am starting to suspect, if he has a self like and self respect problem...!!!??? These generally are the hidden demons of a guy that is bullshit! He is trying to convince himself he is ok and convince others!
But his B.S. is eating at him, in the inner most of his being, and it has already "jumped out at us"! Check all the TV video clips! Big show and no substance means this guy is really empty!
I bet you all the I.Q. of this guy is deplorable! Though he is a trick/scam artist...!!!
I bet you he believes he is better than most! But not because of any good substance, but because he can "fleece" and gets away with dirt and shit! And makes money rather easy!
USA, this guy qualifies, more than a Villain of your Super-Heroes, as the Big Bad Wolf with a huge mask on it, and USA as the easy Red "Robin" Riding Hood! 

And folks when you take the mask of this guy, he will "crumble"...!!! Crumble somehow!!! Others retreat in defeat, this guy won't bear it! I hope he suicides! But even that might be too nice a ending!
I mean to boast such success, at so much B.S. and not real hard work, IS SICKENING REAL BAD!
A easy death with no suffering, would be too nice, for so much B.S. bullshit and sanitary psycho! He has had it all since birth!!!

Hillary a mental problem? We are hitting another note, about Chavez Venezuela and the Psychiatrist used, displayed on TV...! And this guy has been regenerated and born again, Cristo!
Now Trump is hitting this same note? The USA board of Psychiatry has said not to analyze him!
Jesus he talks, fucks, has kids, runs things and companies, and big "mega" amounts of money! What could be wrong?

Christ/Cristo the B.S. of a charlatan/babbler with no real content!!! Imaginary day dreamer!!! Something he did not even try and hide of himself!!! Big mistake! Too late piece of junk and dirt!
DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH WE HATED SUCH A B.S. SCHOOL OR HIGH-SCHOOL GUY TALKING BULLSHIT AND LIES (one was called "Juan Carlos")??? Well exactly that with TRUMP...!!!
Well this guy sells mostly with lies, as Stocks depend on you believing, and now he is trying to buy Americans with lies, which is very easy in a lying World, but harder in USA, as it is not a banana Republic!

USA and AMERICA, keep on believing, that you can see right in your dirty faces, the personification of a "regenerated-born again" con artist, that at 70 years of age, is going to behave himself, to "REDEEM" himself!

And everybody the usual hand signs for bullshit...! Your left hand index and thumb in a circle for "asshole", and your right hand index in and out of the hole for "DICK HEAD" and "GO AND FUCK YOURSELF"...! SAYING BULLSHIT...!

B.S. is bullshit bum-shit...! Kind of rhymes with Trump! Donald you jerk!




Saturday, August 13, 2016




...i agree Trump proves something is wrong with Republicans and/or the GOP to have this wacko where his mother did not ask him to be!


 ‪#‎MakeAmericaGreatAgain‬ ‪#‎TrumpPence16‬! ‪#‎TrumpIsWithYou‬ ‪#‎RNCinCLE‬ #anagrammatt #abiteinthechunk #GeorgeFrederickThomson #GeorgeFrederickThomsonBroadhead


...added on: god save us all from Trump...!

...AND SADLY BUT TRUE! IF this is what the USA finally produced from their Society, Capitalism, Religion and Politics, and they are giving a way to this JUNK-NUT, then they will surely succumb to their own DIRT...!!!



Right now polls show Donald Trump losing every single swing state

Vox - ‎1 hour ago‎
Donald Trump's post-convention collapse has hurt him in the polls across the country. But it's really hurt his numbers in some crucial swing states in particular - states that would be enough to give Hillary Clinton an Electoral College majority.

Politics|Donald Trump's Terrorism Plan Mixes Cold War Concepts and Limits on Immigrants

New York Times - ‎3 hours ago‎
YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - Donald J. Trump on Monday laid out his plan for combating global Islamic terrorism, invoking the Cold War era to try new approaches and accusing President Obama and Hillary Clinton of bungling the fight against terrorist threats.

Donald Trump's already-narrow path to victory is rapidly disappearing

Washington Post - ‎5 hours ago‎
The last month has been disastrous for Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton got a major bounce from the Democratic National Convention.

Donald Trump's top spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, is saying some very strange things

Washington Post - ‎2 hours ago‎
Donald Trump's national spokeswoman offered a pretty stunning accusation during an appearance on Fox Business Network on Monday morning.

A new poll gives the lie to Donald Trump's least-believable campaign argument

Washington Post - ‎5 hours ago‎
Donald Trump was never going to win California. He was never going to win Connecticut, despite reiterating over the weekend that he intended to do just that.

The 40 top Republicans (and counting) who won't support Donald Trump for president

Vox - ‎6 hours ago‎
To date, Vox has found 41 prominent Republicans, from former governors and former presidential candidates to conservative pundits and high-profile aides, who have all said they cannot support Trump. However, among those who have spoken out, most are ...

Sarcasm Expert John Oliver Calls Out Donald Trump's 'Sarcasm'

TIME - ‎2 hours ago‎
John Oliver has not hidden the fact that he is not a fan of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump (or as he calls him, Donald Drumpf).

It's damn-near impossible to make sense of Donald Trump's many mixed messages these days

Washington Post - ‎6 hours ago‎
Paul Manafort, Donald Trump's campaign chairman, sat down with CNN's Jake Tapper on Sunday to talk about the state of the race -- and defend his boss's many, many contradictory and controversial statements.

Donald Trump to Lay Out '3 Pillars' of Terrorism Plan, Aides Say

New York Times - ‎9 hours ago‎
Donald J. Trump held a campaign event in Altoona, Pa., on Friday. Credit Mark Makela for The New York Times. As he continues to face a backlash for calling President Obama and Hillary Clinton the “founders of ISIS,” Donald J. Trump will travel to the ...

GOP Urges Donald Trump to Broaden Outreach to Black Voters

New York Times - ‎10 hours ago‎
When Donald J. Trump went to Detroit last week to deliver a speech on his economic proposals, he laid the chronic problems of the heavily black city at the feet of his opponents, saying Democrats had a stranglehold on power, “and unless we change ...

Donald Trump made $39 million running failed casino company

CNNMoney - ‎6 hours ago‎
In 1995, Donald Trump's first and only initial public offering raised $140 million from public investors under the ticker symbol DJT.

John Oliver Breaks Down Trump's Most Dangerous Comments

Esquire.com - ‎5 hours ago‎
Last week Donald Trump—a miracle of science whose mouth functions independently from his own brain—began the grueling task of attempting to unravel his own baffling campaign.

Donald Trump Urges His Supporters to Be on the Lookout for Cheating

ABC News - ‎Aug 13, 2016‎
Donald Trump Urges His Supporters to Be on the Lookout for Cheating. More. The Republican nominee pleaded with supporters after saying if he doesn't win in Pennsylvania, it is because the system is rigged.

Donald Trump Was Reportedly Desperate to Attend Chelsea Clinton's Wedd

Vanity Fair - ‎5 hours ago‎
There are a few wedding events every decade that anyone in their right mind—and especially anyone in a certain social circle—would be desperate to attend.

As a young Donald Trump began his real estate career, he fought ...

Los Angeles Times - ‎9 hours ago‎
Allegations of housing discrimination have dogged Donald Trump since early in his career. He denies wrongdoing.

Joe Biden Blasts Donald Trump on the Stump for Hillary Clinton

TIME - ‎1 hour ago‎
Vice President Joe Biden said Donald Trump's claims that President Barack Obama “founded” the Islamic State were “outrageous” during a joint appearance with Hillary Clinton on Monday.

Even Donald Trump's Supporters Are Telling Him To Release His Tax Returns

Huffington Post - ‎7 hours ago‎
Sanford notes just two years earlier ― in just one of several instances ― Trump clearly stated he would have no problem releasing his tax returns.

Donald Trump Is Encouraging Intimidation and Racial Profiling at the Polls

The Nation. - ‎4 hours ago‎
Now Donald Trump may be violating the consent decree against the GOP by asking his supporters to become a “Trump Election Observer” to “Stop Crooked Hillary From Rigging This Election.

Donald Trump says media is out to get him

CNNMoney - ‎21 hours ago‎
donald trump connecticut crooked media Donald Trump at a rally in Connecticut on Saturday. The Times reported over the weekend that Trump calls campaign manager Paul Manafort "several times a day to talk about specific stories.

Trump Makes Fools of Those Who Trust His Word

The Atlantic - ‎7 hours ago‎
In February 2015, Hugh Hewitt secured a promise from Donald Trump. Before even hearing the details, do you have a guess as to whether his promise was kept or broken?



Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I AM GOING TO DO A PROGNOSTICS Based on some facts, or supposed facts, about Trump and that he will be the GOP candidate until November 8th. Getting into the mind of Republicans and the GOP.


I AM GOING TO DO A PROGNOSTICS Based on some facts, or supposed facts, about Trump and that he will be the GOP candidate until November 8th.

Getting into the mind of Republicans and the GOP.


[1] It’s time to accept that Donald Trump is never going to learn basic stuff about the world

Updated by Zack Beauchamp on August 16, 2016, 8:50 a.m. ET @zackbeauchamp zack@vox.com

[2] Opinion US election: Donald Trump has 3 weeks to change or GOP must act

Wall St Journal
The Wall Street Journal
5:27PM August 16, 2016

[3] Politics Aug 16 2016, 6:15 am ET Will Donald Trump's Latest 'Reset' Stick? Here Are 7 Times It Didn't
by Alex Seitz-Wald

[4] No Time For Trump: Transforming Our Corporate Supreme Court
08/16/2016 07:17 am ET | Updated 4 hours ago

Politics | Tue Jul 19, 2016 3:49pm EDT
Supreme Court nominee out in cold as election heats up



...The GOP needed somebody with "Money" and "fame" no matter what, as the Clinton's also are billionaires and have big money backing them!

...But soon some big money has left Trump, like the Hock brothers, Bloomberg, Blue Chip California, etc.

...The GOP does not have a Candidate to take over and build up support in 3 months or much less in 6 weeks when some voting already starts!

...The GOP is playing on a slow come back reversal, by Trump changing his speeches affirmations! Like we are leaving NATO, and now we are not leaving NATO.
And many more issues Trump is trying to reverse with no positive results.

...So of I am not wrong, the GOP is going on with Trump, like it or not! And they are still playing on a big elections mishap. Trump winning by any trick of the "Tricksters" and Trump a top trickster!
Electoral Fraud? Not really! A Supreme Court appointment! Why? The Republicans need to win, want to win! And they are planning on dealing with Trump after no matter what!

WHAT? Yep! The establishment Government USA might not want secretly a woman! CAN anybody believe this? I am sorry! But even Queen Elizabeth II power and governance might not change this view of machismo power!
The Supreme Court is 4 to 4 Democrats vs. Republicans and the new Democrat nominee won't be appointed!

I simply do not believe that the GOP nor the Republicans can stop TRUMP after he is signed in as President! Even trying to deal with him! That is the danger! And are they going to make a big show eliminating him somehow?
I do not know! The danger is they might not be able to eliminate him in time!!! The commander in chief can change all Military, Air force and Navy Generals. And take full control never seen before in the Democratic USA!
WHY? Because he once answered he would not have any troubles with Congress!

I would not trust such a dangerous "monkey bird brain" that TRUMP is...!

SO LETS BET ON IT! I might be wrong!
If the current polls continue Trump is done!

This post is being made a side column extra!




Sunday, August 21, 2016

'If you fight fire with fire, everyone burns': how to catch a troll like Trump Trolling experts offer tactics for dealing with ‘the world’s most effective button-pusher’, like meeting tantrums with facts...!

'If you fight fire with fire, everyone burns': how to catch a troll like Trump

Trolling experts offer tactics for dealing with ‘the world’s most effective button-pusher’, like meeting tantrums with facts


On a crowded field, a new troll has established himself as the undisputed master of the art. To most people he’s repugnant, but to his peers he’s a formidable exemplar of a set of skills that have come to flourish in the era of online bile, useful only to those whose primary aim is destructive and reductive. He knows exactly the kind of incendiary comment that will bait his prey. And when the inevitable reaction comes, he basks in the reflected glory of his acolytes piling on, and turning a conversation into a battlefield. In so doing, he kills off any hope of a reasoned discussion, ensuring that name-calling, provocation and blatant hate take its place. This might not be good for the standards of public discourse, but it’s good for his ego – and it distracts from his ignorance.

Expert though he is, the new king differs from his predecessors in important ways. Usually trolls operate below the line; this one stands at a podium. Usually their ambitions are petty, but this one wants to be president of the United States. Usually trolls are anonymous, but everyone knows this one’s name. It’s Donald Trump.



Donald Trump’s candidacy may be unprecedented, but he is unlikely to be the last candidate to employ a troll’s tactics in the pursuit of power. If there is one thing the experts in online communities agree on, it’s that trolling is a persistent problem with no simple solution. Like crime, terrorism or pandemic diseases, once introduced into a community, trolls will always return. “Politics doesn’t have the antibodies we’ve developed online to deal with trolls,” says Powazek. Perhaps a resounding Trump defeat in November can inoculate us against a bigger surge of troll candidates in the future, but many worry it will be too late.


...the of the few big proven problems of Troll's like Trump, is that you have to determine how unpredictable they are!

...the more they cannot "trust" Trump, the more problematic he could become! And to give this type of things of unpredictability a try, has never happened ever in the USA!

...And when nothing has happened before in Politics and Government and it is not of a good nature, why even give it a try?



Thursday, August 25, 2016

My Art for today: ...a phenomenon politico for U.S.A.! ...though the slogan is: "...make Ame_rica great again!

My Art for today: ...a phenomenon politico for U.S.A.! ...though the slogan is: "...make Ame_rica great again!

...lets all "...make Trump great again...!

...i think the 50 state solution is the key...! a wall around each state...!

...a wall around every Military base...!

...a wall around every Air Force base...!

...a wall around every Naval base...!

...a wall around Congress...!

...a wall around the White House...!

...a wall around every major City...!

...a wall around every International Airport...!

...a wall around every Major City...!

A WALL IT TRUMP...!!! What goes in does not come out, and what comes out does not come back in...! SIMPLE!






Thursday, August 25, 2016

A politico for today that is worse...! Trump full of luxury and gold, way more than the White House...! How can this happen? Is he going to donate solid gold bathroom fixtures and his solid gold toilet for his dirt...???

TRUMP...! Your luxury is more than 1/2 of the White Houses's luxury!

Are you going to rebuild the White House in Gold from your own pocket?
And then charge it double in some contract given to a friend or company?
Or just get installed your gold toilet to do your "dirt shit"?




...how can such a thing be or going to happen? trump to humble himself to the White House's of the people, lower end luxury?

...does this guy think he is going to get more rich from being President of USA? It has to be what he is thinking!

...i sure wish to know what will happen sooner than later!




[ 27]

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ricardo Montaner - Aunque Ahora Estés Con El (Official Video) - Nobody Imagined the Most Rich Country and Democratic would end up worse than the neighbouring Colombia...!

Ricardo Montaner - Aunque Ahora Estés Con El (Official Video) - Nobody Imagined the Most Rich Country and Democratic would end up worse than the neighbouring Colombia...! 

Trump is doing the same as the destructive Chavistas, offering everything, and claiming everything is wrong and bad!

The big difference: Chavez was a "poor" with no money asshole!

Trump has money, so why is he lying?

Because: dirt and the crocked, not even a Religion will make clean or straight again...!

That is why!



Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Don’t compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. It belittles Hitler. One was a psychopath who believed his raving rants. The other is a con man.


Don’t compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. It belittles Hitler.

One was a psychopath who believed his raving rants. The other is a con man.

By Shalom Auslander September 13 at 6:00 AM

Shalom Auslander is the author of the best-selling "Foreskin's Lament" and the critically acclaimed "Hope: A Tragedy" and was the creator/writer of the Showtime series "Happyish."



I am a Jew — a New York Writer Liberal Jew, the scariest Jew of all — and from a very young age, I was taught about an unimaginable horror called the Holocaust and about an evil man named Adolf Hitler. The elderly man who sat beside me every Saturday morning in synagogue was a Holocaust survivor, and his elderly wife was a Holocaust survivor, as well. And so the first reason the comparison of Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler bothers me is not because it belittles the deaths of millions of innocents, but because, frankly, it belittles Adolf Hitler.

Hitler believed Jews were the cause of every problem. He believed extermination was the solution. He believed that the “Spear of Destiny,” the spear the Romans used to poke Jesus on the cross, would give him magical powers. He had an elaborately developed, hideous, deplorable theory of how things worked, and he believed in it deeply.

Trump doesn’t.

Hitler was a psychopath. Trump is just a con man.



Will we look the other way, say we didn’t know, stand silently by while millions of our neighbors are rounded up, while women who get abortions are “punished,” while immigrants are given “ideology tests” and our leader heaps praise on oppressive tyrants?

Well? Will we?

Are we that terrified? Are we that hateful? Are we that frightened, that cowardly, that selfish, that helpless, that cold-hearted, that dumb, that easily manipulated, that easily provoked? Are we so bereft of answers, so pathetically hopeless, that all we can come up with is easy scapegoating and blind fealty to Our Great Leader? Are We The People really going to fall for the dumbest, oldest, easiest trick in the book?

Because if we are, then we won’t need an Adolf Hitler to embrace that darkness. Even a two-bit con man like Donald Trump will be enough.


...why would I add any comment to this? i mean, what others say cannot be true! trump is a millionaire kid born with everything, and to give him some "good education" from being a lazy junk, they sent him to this male military academy, due to his bad behavior!

...a pampered "con artist", that lives off the "insane desire for riches of others", so he uses casinos, and wealthy buildings for the rich's offices and hotels!

...but does this build a normal hard working World, he says he is going to govern and better? No!

...what does Trump really make as the ones that make the Economy to really be? Luxury stuff and wines! That does not build a World Economy!

...i really do not know what economy progressive books this guy is reading, because his Economy Team given, are "deplorable"!

...this guy believes in the dominance and "advantage" of the rich over the poor as rental slaves! how can he then provide them jobs? if he need them as poor rentals, or casino player nuts, or real estate get rich livers wackos!

...hence he is a con artist and subjugator...! and 70 years old makes it like the creme of the creme con artist objective to dominate politics of the biggest western Democracy! which is easier said than done for a con and money!

...anyway folks it will not be long till December and when we really find out what will happen and if anybody should get to know this guy worse than his "verboraic" candidacy!






Monday, September 26, 2016

The Post's View It’s beyond debate that Donald Trump is unfit to be president

The Post's View

It’s beyond debate that Donald Trump is unfit to be president


In short, the challenge for Monday’s audience is to avoid the trap of thinking of this debate as yet another opportunity for “the real Trump” — or even a “new Trump” — to emerge, either stylistically or substantively. It’s way too late for that. The real Trump has been before the citizenry ever since he announced his candidacy in a rambling jeremiad that blamed Mexico for “sending” “rapists” to the United States as illegal immigrants. It has been said that the true test of an ordinary person’s character is how you behave when no one is watching. The corollary standard for a presidential candidate could be: how you behave repeatedly in public, before the one big night when everyone is watching. Even by that more forgiving standard, Mr. Trump has already flunked.

Suppose Mr. Trump keeps a cool head, conducts a respectful discussion with Ms. Clinton and Mr. Holt and even manages to avoid saying anything inflammatory or blatantly false. In other words, suppose he manages to conduct himself “presidentially” for an hour and a half. That could not undo the many, many instances, over more than a year — longer if you start with the launch of his “birther” campaign in 2011 — in which he has insulted, acted out, lied and countenanced violence beyond even some of the most rough-and-tumble precedents of modern American politics. Suppose, further, that he were to soften or even repudiate some of his most odious policy pronouncements; that, say, he opposes rather than supports the aggressive torture of terrorism suspects. That would be a backhanded form of progress, to be sure. But voters would still be left guessing as to which of his inconsistent statements they could trust.

...simply said: can you trust a bivalent mind, who is a well known white collar fleecer, and who knows what else?

...that believes on castles on a hill, that can stand from all evil around...!
Wacko old school, and really a very big finale LOOSER...!

...you cannot go to IRAQ say, and take all the CRUDE OIL as rampage! that again is old school!
He does not know the why...!? The why? The worst answer! Then any super-power can rampage and take over the weaker!

...USA do not fall for this guy TRUMP, unless the system and country made their biggest problem to be...!


Friday, September 23, 2016

A World Politico for today and ELECTIONS USA 2016...! My ART too...!

India buys 36 Rafale jets from France amid mounting pressure to upgrade its Soviet-era fleet | National Post 

A World Politico for today and ELECTIONS USA 2016...! My ART too...!

India buys 36 Rafale jets from France amid mounting pressure to upgrade its Soviet-era fleet

Iain Marlow and N. C. Bipindra, Bloomberg News | September 23, 2016 10:55 AM ET
More from Bloomberg News

...and Trump ate them all up or they won't take it much longer...???

...i do not know what is the F-35 real problem, other than "juice and weight" requirements that are too extreme...!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Post's View How much damage could a President Trump do? We can only begin to imagine.












It is a Spanish Latin saying:

"When the River rumbles, it is because it brings stones!"

And that means very bad things!


[[["...Yes, Congress has the power to remove a president who ignores the law. But given the easy GOP capitulation to such an obviously unfit candidate, how far would Mr. Trump have to go for a likely Republican House to impeach him? How much damage would he have to do?

We have faith, ultimately, in the integrity of the federal workforce, the resilience of the U.S. system and the essential fairness of the American people. But all three could be tested as never before by a Trump presidency. The nation should not subject itself to such a risk. ..."]]]

[[["... The Post's View
How much damage could a President Trump do? We can only begin to imagine.

Donald Trump at a rally in Reno on Wednesday. (Mike Segar/Reuters)
By Editorial Board October 6 at 7:09 PM

A PRESIDENT TRUMP could alter the face of this country and its role in the world, in many cases with Congress and the courts having little power to check him. In a series of editorials over the past several days, we have described the vast reach of executive power in areas where Mr. Trump has made his intentions clear. He could, in fact, unilaterally order mass deportations, resume torturing detainees, undo the preservation of natural treasures and tear up long-standing trade agreements.

But we should be clear: The scope of the damage a President Trump could do cannot be fully predicted or imagined. His candidacy forces us to confront the extent to which democracy depends on leaders adhering to a set of norms and traditions — civic virtues, to be old-fashioned about it. Mr. Trump has made clear his contempt for those virtues, norms and traditions: He despises the press, threatens his enemies, bullies the judiciary, disparages entire religions and nations, makes no distinction between his personal interest and the public good, hides information that should be revealed and routinely trades in falsehoods. Handed the immense powers of the presidency, what could such a man do? The honest answer: No one can be sure.

In one of the more thoughtful examinations of the danger, the Brookings Institution’s Benjamin Wittes explained why checks and balances cannot be counted on to protect the nation from an elected leader with contempt for democracy. “Ultimately, the entire executive branch is corruptible by one person because constitutionally, the executive branch is one person,” Mr. Wittes wrote on the Lawfare blog. “Everyone else is just his arms, hands, and fingers. That means that over time, the executive branch under Donald Trump becomes Donald Trump.”

Given Mr. Trump’s quickness to take offense and lack of impulse control, it is natural to focus on the most extreme possibilities; the president, after all, has authority to order everything from drone strikes to changes in U.S. surveillance policy to nuclear attack. A National Security Council staff that has mushroomed under President Obama is not confirmed by or in any meaningful sense accountable to Congress. ..."]]]




Saturday, October 8, 2016

Is Trump's campaign over? The Republican nominee's talk of sexually preying on women makes Romney's '47 percent' tape seem like a high-minded Great Courses lecture.

Is Trump's campaign over?

Is Trump's campaign over?

The Republican nominee's talk of sexually preying on women makes Romney's '47 percent' tape seem like a high-minded Great Courses lecture.

Is Trump's campaign over? - It’s fitting that the election of Hillary Clinton as the first female president might have been sealed by Donald Trump’s treatment of women as subordinate, interchangeable, pliable playthings. Trump — a compulsively public politician who has mouthed some of the most hilarious (intentionally or otherwise), offensive, fact-allergic and misogynistic statements by anyone competing in the public arena — might be ultimately undone by a private admission about a woman h...

Depends on how stupid Americans and the GOP are! Sex macho style talk is common among men to show their bravado! THIS IS NOT THE BIGGER PROBLEMS OF TRUMP OF COURSE, which has to do with Cronies, Dictatorship, and World trade Wars and even worse!





Tuesday, October 11, 2016








Brainy Quotes...! TODAY'S QUOTE
Quote of the Day

"Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder."
George Washington

Trojan Horse:

and now Paul Ryan and John McCain...! Hardly nothing right?

-. The fine lines and even "loop holes" of USA Government Authority, the Senate and Congress!

-. HENCE: A Very Powerful Executive that could dictate full Congress and Senate Control,
even over their own Republicans and Democrats!

The United States House of Representatives is one of the two houses of the United States Congress (a bicameral legislature) alongside the Senate.

The composition and powers of the House are established in Article One of the United States Constitution. The major power of the House is to pass federal legislation that affects the entire country, although its bills must also be passed by the Senate and further agreed to by the U.S. President before becoming law (unless both the House and Senate re-pass the legislation with a two-thirds majority in each chamber). The House has some exclusive powers: the power to initiate revenue bills,[1] to impeach officials (impeached officials are subsequently tried in the Senate),[2] and to elect the U.S. President in case there is no majority in the Electoral College.[3]

Expulsion is the most serious form of disciplinary action that can be taken against a Member of Congress. Article I, Section 5 of the United States Constitution provides that "Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member." The processes for expulsion differ somewhat between the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Censure, a less severe form of disciplinary action, is an official sanction of a member that does not remove a member from office.

The United States Senate is a legislative chamber in the bicameral legislature of the United States, and together with the House of Representatives makes up the U.S. Congress.

The composition and powers of the Senate are established in Article One of the U.S. Constitution.[1] Each state, regardless of population, is represented by two senators who serve staggered six-year terms. The Senate chamber is located in the north wing of the Capitol, in Washington, D.C. The House of Representatives convenes in the south wing of the same building.

The Senate has several advice and consent powers not granted to the House, including consenting to treaties as a precondition to their ratification and consenting to or confirming appointments of Cabinet secretaries, federal judges, other federal executive officials, military officers, regulatory officials, ambassadors, and other federal uniformed officers,[2][3] as well as trial of federal officials impeached by the House. The Senate is widely considered both a more deliberative[4] and more prestigious[5][6][7] body than the House of Representatives, due to its longer terms, smaller size, and statewide constituencies, which historically led to a more collegial and less partisan atmosphere.[8] The U.S. Senate is sometimes known as "world's greatest deliberative body".[9][10][11]


...The fine lines and even "loop holes" of USA Government Authority, the Senate and Congress!

...HENCE: A Very Powerful Executive that could dictate full Congress and Senate Control, even over their own Republicans and Democrats!


[A] Trump could put all his Defense Generals in position, including National Guard, etc.
[B] CIA, FBI, PENTAGON, as his directors.
[C] Head of Big Cities POLICE.
[D] IMPEACH any Republican Senator for not being his Republican, and change them. Getting a full 2/3 power over the CONGRESS.
[E] Seek to neutralize any Democrat Senator, under any procedures.
[F] And even Govern directly by Executive Order, under the big pretext of Patriotism vs Treason to the Republic and Constitution, under varied themes. Including lost WARS and payments.
[G] Go even further and seek to PROSECUTE past LIVING PRESIDENTS, Governors and the likes. All under the "cloak" of honesty and cleaning up Government! With him and cronies as sole "honorable thieves"!
[H] TRY AND CONTROL THE WORLD UNDER MORE EXTREME POWER, making things really more Dangerous! But not in his mind! He would be making things more safe, to his perspective of things.

...THIS WOULD make it very hard for the Establishment, ever to get back in power. It would be a Trojan take over of a new "dirtier elite".
Based on the good heart and somewhat guilt of the Establishment!

...So the Establishment succumbs to their "little dirt" to what Americans believe to be "less dirt"!

...Imagine all this World going dirtier and more dangerous! And Americans finally after some scraps, getting a worse life out of it!


WHO COULD BELIEVE NOW, THAT "NAFTA" has to try and save America, when USA was the saving force before!


Rich and American but with that Racial Blood divide. In some big debt, but maybe not to become a beggar of some German. How could an American go against the America that gave him everything, yet also all his problems?
The perfect Trojan, is that, appears to be bad, yet has so much good "cloaking" it!


REMEMBER, to be the WORLD'S GREATEST "DEMOCRATIC" GOVERNMENT, opens the PANDORA'S BOXES of: the SURPRISES, by TROJAN activities, the un-known ways and means, the EASY ACCESS of Candidates not of the Governmental Establishment, and "TO OVER CONFIDENCE"...!
THIS DEMOCRACY EASY ACCESS to some degree, is meant for the ACCESS to bettering forces from within a NATION, but normally this has very rarely occurred!

NORMALLY the Establishment of a BIG COUNTRY AND GOVERNMENT DOES NOT SELF IMPLODE OR SUICIDE FOR THAT MATTER. They are the ones that made the Country and what it is.
SO THE MORE PROBABLE LOGIC, is for the Assault Trojan "TRUMPY" to be the big suspect...! And the Big Question is, to which last minute is everyone going to play to?

YOU SEE, THE ONLY HEAD OF USA, are there now, until the new election and power take over...! Then the USA is like in LIMBO for some time!
And the USA would be in LIMBO, if they do not have that secret BACKUP GOVERNMENT!

SO sometimes it is just not THE PEOPLE, but THE ESTABLISHMENT that Governs as a better solution! With elected Representatives of the States and Regions.
TRUMPY is no elected Person from any prior STATE or Region, with Government proof of action and successes! This is a DEMOCRACY "Defect"! Trumps track record is of no special honesty!

OBAMA and Democrats for that matter, you can still save the George Washington Republic of America, U.S.A.!
This could be the Republican fuck-up and GOP, and no road of return!


Sunday, October 9, 2016

"Words" and "Maths" sort of speak for themselves folks...! In a Modern World turned Old again...! """Trump thinking = I have done the "maths"...! I have done the "strategic" "legal" study, to be so sure of myself! He can't be shooting in the dark like so many candidates have done so before?"""

On second thought . . .

[ Trump thinking = I have done the "maths"...! I have done the "strategic " "legal" study, to be so sure of myself! ]


"Words" and "Maths" sort of speak for themselves folks...!

In a Modern World turned Old again...!


Trump you are Smart too, because not only will you lower taxes from where you get more money of the rich, but also the big middle class,...!
So you must be going to make all production of US soil mining of the Government, to pay for everything...?
Or Federal Reserve print money and dig a bigger hole for yourself...?

Noo...! Use War to rampage like the Vikings Crude Oil and Mining riches...! I knew it! You are so smart!

Trump, you say many a time I am sure, the contrary many times of what you think are realities and are merely your dreams that wont come true!
Executive Commander in Chief, a megalomaniac Christ and coinage of this "God", that is going to fix up USA better, with your cronies in Economy?
Folks the cronie Messiah has come to save and make USA better.
Who can believe such a thing, from a guy, that got his big money, in many dirty ways?
Like this guy is all of a sudden turning his life and mind around to do some good better than the establishment?
Man it would have to be a blimmin miracle...!
And I find it hard to believe in the TRUMP MIRACLE...!

TRUMP you would have to have a "holy life" for it to even be slightly true or possible!
How can Americans believe in this kind of miracles? I know, the "Born Again Christian and redemption", not enforceable!

AND FINALLY was this a Presidential Debate or a "Legal Court" of Justice? AS I DID NOT KNOW WHO WAS GOING TO BE PUT IN JAIL...??? A President is going to self assign a Prosecutor Judge to do a WITCH HUNT of the USA Government, past Government and Officials? WOW I will be darned and damned! Man that is sure going to be a big endless line up in Courts. WHY NOT START A NEW COUNTRY OR WORLD Trumpy?




Saturday, October 15, 2016

Why Trump is an evil Impostor to the Civility of the USA Democracy and people...?

Donald Trump’s dangerous ploy to destabilize democracy

Why Trump is an evil Impostor to the Civility of the USA Democracy and people...?

Donald Trump’s dangerous ploy to destabilize democracy

This language — which he read from a prepared text fed into a teleprompter — is inflammatory beyond any demagoguery Mr. Trump had offered previously. Coupled with his repeated warnings, echoed by his followers, that the Democrats may be cooking up Election Day fraud, the speech seems to prepare the ground for resistance in the increasingly likely event that things don’t go his way Nov. 8. Indeed, anyone who agrees that the alternative to a Trump victory is civilizational disaster, the fruit of a “sinister deal,” as Mr. Trump put itin another Florida speech, would feel obligated to deny the legitimacy of a Clinton victory, should it occur. Trump-for-President is not a campaign to redeem American democracy or even to “take it back,” as Mr. Trump puts it; it has morphed into a campaign of destabilization.
Mr. Trump’s words seek to make accomplices of his listeners. Anyone who challenges the cabal “is deemed a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe and morally deformed,” he told the West Palm Beach audience. “They will attack you, they will slander you, they will seek to destroy your career and your family, they will seek to destroy everything about you, including your reputation.” As if the assembled Trumpkins were just as guilty as he of all those alleged sins.
A greater measure of accountability belongs to the men and women who purport to lead the GOP faithful, and have, with a few honorable exceptions, so manifestly failed the moral test Mr. Trump’s candidacy poses. We are well past the point of urging these politicians to repudiate Mr. Trump for the good of the country, their party and themselves. Frankly, it’s hard to keep track of where some of them stand on that question: Several prominent Republicans, including two U.S. senators, John Thune of South Dakota and Deb Fischer of Nebraska, called on Mr. Trump to resign his candidacy after the 2005 recording became public — then crawled back into the fold, under pressure from the pro-Trump Republican rank and file.
Still, it is not too late even for these GOP politicians to repudiate Mr. Trump’s conspiratorial view of the American political process. They should at least find the decency, and the patriotism, to declare that everyone must respect the results on Nov. 8 — and pursue any protests or disputes through legal channels, not in the streets. Even if Republicans can’t bring themselves to part ways politically with Mr. Trump, they can refuse to cooperate in the trashing of our public discourse and essential civic traditions. Surely that is not too much to ask.


Not so many women would decide to smear Trumpy!

Not so much "jabber noise verbiage vomit" from Trumpy, would justify him as honest and not a junk crony! 

Not so much discredit to the Basis of the Democracy that is letting him be, and then be as Candidate, cannot be that monster of Democracy he is discrediting!

Trump you are a big stupid idiot, and more idiots are the Republican and deplorable nuts that follow your evil verbiage and ridiculous "nice looking" dirty face and dirty being and dirty soul!




Friday, November 4, 2016

My Anagrammatt/Anagrammatter Art for today: "Dead End Politics(without the exit)/Politica Sin La Salida"...! (No normal or NO Road of Return/Sin Camino normal DE Regreso o SIN CAMINO de Regreso)...!

My Anagrammatt/Anagrammatter Art for today: "Dead End Politics(without the exit)/Politica Sin La Salida"...!

(No normal or NO Road of Return/Sin Camino normal De Regreso o SIN CAMINO de Regreso)...!




Donald Trump could be impeached within weeks, claims legal professor
Many have expressed hope that they will be able to remove Donald Trump from power through legal proceedings


“Donald Trump has won the 2016 presidential election,” write the creators of a petition posted online under the title ‘Impeach Donald J Trump’. “It is clear something is wrong here if an openly homophobic, racist, xenophobic and sexist individual can become the most powerful man in the world.”

Just that petition has been signed tens of thousands of times and is addressed at the US Congress, the US House of Representatives, Barack Obama and “The People of the United States”.

“Make it clear you do not want this man leading our free nation. Donald Trump as POTUS is a danger to the entire world,” the authors write. “By signing this petition you are taking your stance and requesting the immediate impeachment of Donald Trump - to remove his position as President of the United States of America.”


...USA you shall be darned and "the gods damn you" with your wrong decision of TRUMP as President...!

...I know of a more legal way to get rid of you...!

...the denial of women is very old school and unbearable of these Saudi Arabs and Warmongers...!





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