Sunday, December 18, 2016

SUNDAY REVIEW "NY Times"...! New York Times is or is not real in this POLITICO Review?

SUNDAY REVIEW "NY Times"...! New York Times is or is not real in this POLITICO Review?

SundayReview | Opinion
Is Donald Trump a Threat to Democracy?



...Norms of presidential restraint are also at risk. The Constitution’s ambiguity regarding the limits of executive authority can tempt presidents to try and push those limits. Although executive power has expanded in recent decades, it has ultimately been reined in by the prudence and self-restraint of our presidents.

Unlike his predecessors, Mr. Trump is a serial norm-breaker. There are signs that Mr. Trump seeks to diminish the news media’s traditional role by using Twitter, video messages and public rallies to circumvent the White House press corps and communicate directly with voters — taking a page out of the playbook of populist leaders like Silvio Berlusconi in Italy, Hugo Chávez in Venezuela and Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey.

An even more basic norm under threat today is the idea of legitimate opposition. In a democracy, partisan rivals must fully accept one another’s right to exist, to compete and to govern. Democrats and Republicans may disagree intensely, but they must view one another as loyal Americans and accept that the other side will occasionally win elections and lead the country. Without such mutual acceptance, democracy is imperiled. Governments throughout history have used the claim that their opponents are disloyal or criminal or a threat to the nation’s way of life to justify acts of authoritarianism.

The risk we face, then, is not merely a president with illiberal proclivities — it is the election of such a president when the guardrails protecting American democracy are no longer as secure.

...American democracy is not in imminent danger of collapse. If ordinary circumstances prevail, our institutions will most likely muddle through a Trump presidency. It is less clear, however, how democracy would fare in a crisis. In the event of a war, a major terrorist attack or large-scale riots or protests — all of which are entirely possible — a president with authoritarian tendencies and institutions that have come unmoored could pose a serious threat to American democracy. We must be vigilant. The warning signs are real.


Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt are professors of government at Harvard University.

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A version of this op-ed appears in print on December 18, 2016, on Page SR5 of the New York edition with the headline: Is Our Democracy in Danger?. Today's Paper|Subscribe always, generalizations and the whole picture, are not always in contradiction or misleading...!
...USA is too big and has to many Governors and Military, for it to end up as a Russian or China State...!

...what the dangers really are, are the tendencies, that develop into open doors to worse Country Government conditions, and generally never to better a country or MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN using the UTOPIAN TRUMP...!

...but folks, it took less than 3 years to know the VENEZUELAN CHAVEZ and CHAVISMO was on a different path than doing the good they started doing and then started THWARTING...!
BUT this was hoped on to be wrong or not long lasting...!

WHAT ARE ALL "HOPING ON" and wishing all to be all right?

...HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE FOR AMERICANS TO AWAKE FROM THE UTOPIAN TRUMP? Some already have from the Damages of GOLDMAN & SACHS and the executive appointee to TREASURY OF STATE...!


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