Sunday, December 25, 2016

Her Majesty the Queen's Christmas message to the people of the Commonwealth 2016

The Queen's Christmas messageHer Majesty the Queen's Christmas message to the people of the Commonwealth.

...the short and sweet, kind and humble message of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, to us all, especially the English Commonwealth.

...things and conditions in other places of this World, merit us all to be in love with Her Majesty the Queen, as we have better lives from great and small, in the English World, that most any other places on Earth! doubt Religion Protestantism has served in the spreading of good will and love to others and good Governments.

...the deviations from all the good in the Bible, is influenced by many negative things in this World!

...the Bible in its good prose did inspire me and form me in many good ways, though many in my circles were not so well influenced.

...this World has always wanted good Governments, and the birth of a God-King has made everybody happy, expecting one day for this to be a reality in some way of better Governments for great and small, rich and poor, in better equality for the poor to be transformed into middle classes, with no detriment for the rich!

...we all love Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and the English Monarchy and other Monarchies, and call on all Nations likewise, to be blessed in these Festivities by her presence among us and her wondrous influence and enchantment to us all. best wishes to Her Majesty and to all!