Thursday, December 1, 2016

England & The UK Monarchy for December 2016...!

England & The UK Monarchy for December 2016

You survived World War II and the German Hitler(Hit_read?)!

I was wondering how long you would survive The European Union and The German ANGELA Merkel!

What has me baffled is if you and/or the USA will survive(sur_vive) the Anglo-German D.J. Trump?

And if something as convincing as a English Nuclear Submarine with a Missile Nuclear Atomic War Head pointed directly at Trump would be enough, or would you need something more convincing to control him or to get rid of him?

I am sure Her Majesty and the UK Prime Minister Elizabeth May will be enthused to someday have a visit from such an Enlightened, Exemplary and Intelligent Human being as Trump! As I particularly would deny any visit or anything from him! I would request a substitute by some other more Exemplary American!

WAITING IN ERNEST FOR HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH'S CHRISTMAS (CHRIST_MASS) MESSAGE OF THE NEW CHILD BORN KING CHRIST JESUS (In the Presidential Rooms of the only 5 Star Hotel of Bethlehem), that left us abandoned in this World to never come back to the Mount of Olives - Jerusalem or the Final Battle of Armageddon!


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