Friday, September 2, 2016

Understanding Evolution!




Welcome to Evolution 101!

by the Understanding Evolution team

What is evolution and how does it work? Evolution 101 provides the nuts-and-bolts on the patterns and mechanisms of evolution. You can explore the following sections:

What is macroevolution?

Macroevolution generally refers to evolution above the species level. So instead of focusing on an individual beetle species, a macroevolutionary lens might require that we zoom out on the tree of life, to assess the diversity of the entire beetle clade and its position on the tree. logic and pure/complete logic, Evolution does not comply with all of logic...! there is not the complete needed and apparent data and information needed!

...Evolution simply denies anything else than "matter"! And affirms as only acceptable theory "lifeless matter" making life and intelligence! 

...Pure Logic denies the Bible in nearly all its content, as mere myths made faith by the Roman Emperor Constantine, and later the Bible of the 4th Century and after. my usage of pure/complete logic definitions, I have not found out really if Evolution could be true somehow, nor do understand it to be true! Not even if it inexplicably happened! There is no road fram for it to happen fortuitously merely! Evolutionists even deny this.