Tuesday, September 20, 2016

CHINA embarked on a WIND Power Frenzy says IEA...!

China embarked on wind power frenzy, says IEA - BBC News


CHINA embarked on a WIND Power Frenzy says IEA

Sep 20, 8:26 AM
...between Wind Energy and Solar Power from huge grids in Desserts and others local places, with submarine power lines, the World will be lit up with GREEN Energy, well after the BURN off of SAFETY and SECURITY fuels, including COAL...!

...Even if needed, the Famous Newtonian Vertical Gravitational Fall of Weights and Easy Lift with Super Pulleys and HIGH GEARED, into deep Tunnels underground, to power Generators, with not much IMPRINT on Surface, and feasible mostly anywhere, is a final LOCAL solution...!


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