Thursday, August 11, 2016

USA Backup Government for the Permanence and Perpetuation of the Democratic Free Republic Empire as is this year 2016! A proposal...!

1st. President - George Washington - U.S.A.

42nd President - Bill Clinton - U.S.A.

43rd President - George W. Bush - U.S.A.

USA Backup Government for the Permanence and Perpetuation of the Democratic Free Republic Empire as is this year 2016! A proposal...!


[1] All Armed Forces or a few only!?

[2] Is it easier to only make one AIR CRAFT CARRIER with all Elements including accompanying Destroyers and Supply Ships?
One nuclear submarine. One Nuclear Missile Bunker. One Foreign Air Force base. As the backup Government to USA?

[3] This backup Government only is accessed by the permitted establishment, and only self authority guidance to defend the US Constitution with Amendments and The Republic as is and known.

[4] No new President as on trial has any access to the backup Government of the USA.

[5] Does the backup Government have to be secret, or can it be secret?

[6] The backup Government as these Armed Forces, do not entail in any War, and are only used on practice and Intelligence Service.

[7] The backup Government does not necessarily obey any other Government Structure of the Republic, including the Rest of the Armed Forces, C.I.A., F.B.I.! And only via envoys with Congress or the Supreme Court.

[8] The backup Government Personnel are really a separate bubble, that even has little access to normal civilian life in cities, other than when on leave.

[9] All other functionality is of the BLUE GENE Computer establishment intelligence to determine.

[10] The main prerogatives are to never cause a World War, and is limited only to any attack to the USA, in the determined cases.

[11] The USA backup Government for its perpetual permanence, communicates with the establishment of the USA via envoys, and only in emergency via any other means.
The USA backup Government does not depend on "the people's" Democracy, nor on any State Governor in office. And is the maximum intelligence of the USA.

[12] The USA backup Government never will go "rouge", nor would need to. This is perpetuated by the establishment of USA Ex-Presidents and the USA Constitution with amendments

[13] No President in office can have any power over the Backup Government of the USA.

[14] Once President, you belong by forceful obligation after office, to the Eternal Republic and Empire of the free USA.

[15] During Presidency, the President is an object of supervision and control by the Backup Government of the USA. Exposed to secret judgment, whatever it may be, if deemed be the case by the Backup Government of the USA.

[16] The Republic of the USA and its backup government rule and preside over all other powers if these violate the USA Constitution or other rules and laws, and are run by the establishment.
The democratic "people" cannot modify this, and only receive its benefits as known as of this 21st Century year 2016.