Monday, June 27, 2016

PandasThumb and - A Book and a Photography competition...!!!

PandasThumb and - A Book and a Photography competition...!!!

We will accept entries from 12:00 CST, Monday, June 20, through 12:00 CST, Monday, July 4. We encourage pictures of just about anything of scientific interest. If we get enough entries, consistently with Rules 11 and 12, we may assign entries to different categories and award additional prizes, ...


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I have found a Book you might want to offer and read!:

FORGETTING ABOUT THE BIBLE and seeing reality with a sober mind!

That a non-perfect human eye is proof it EVOLVED?

I am not a Bible junkie! But a pure logic Philosopher and Home made Scientist.

(1) Have you been blinded ever and lost eye sight by something too bright?
So how much more sensitive do you want the human eye to be, from real complex, to nearly perfect and not so complex?

(2) Do you know the amount of information per second or minute processed by the BRAIN and provided by this imperfect Human Eye?
For example: The eye is not static, as this would mean "FROZEN IMAGES", and has micro-movements constantly, so that your mind sees the next image immediately in fractions of seconds!
Otherwise there would be bigger time lapses!

Also the human eye has a resolution of MILLIONS OF MEGA-PIXELS if not more. Also the INFINITY FOCUS is amazing up to the FOCAL DISTANCE!

(3) Can you then design a organic better eye, that we do not need! Look for it in nature merely!

Good luck with your low end non-intelligent LOGIC of Evolution!

George - pure logic -