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Super Tuesday...! So far a Political "revelation"...! Trump sounding his trumpet...! But contenders still alive...!

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February 29, 2016 By Fausta 3 Comments
Donald Trump, Agent Orange


Months ago when @realDonaldTrump declared his candidacy, my gut told me this was pure Clinton strategy: Another loud-mouthed billionaire splitting the vote and leading to a Clinton win as it did in 1992.

Nothing Trump has done – before his candidacy, and since he announced it – has convinced me otherwise.

I’m not alone: John Hinderaker is asking IS TRUMP A DEMOCRATIC PARTY AGENT?;

    PAUL [Mirengoff] ADDS: If Trump is an agent of the Democrats (reportedly he talked about running for president with Bill Clinton shortly before entering the race), we should call him Agent Orange, in honor of his “spray tan.”

Of course, if Trump were an agent for the Dems, it would mean he is willing to fight for something other than himself. The fatal flaw in the agent theory is that I do not believe Trump – the thin-skinned tough guy – would ever be capable of fighting for anything beyond his own self-interest.

So it falls to those who have integrity in the Republican Party (candidates, media personalities, public figures) to expose him , and they better do it now,

    Either people are going to expose Trump now for the reprobate that he is, or the Democrats will do it in the fall when he is the candidate. If you don’t want a Democrat in the White House come January 2017, now is the time to wise up to what a clueless low-life Donald Trump really is.



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Election 2016 — Republican Delegate Count

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1,237 Needed to Win
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Caucus    Delegate                221    69    41    19    7
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(1,237 Needed to Win)    -    2,472    221    69    41    19    7    -    -    -


...who is wrong? time will tell...!

...could it be too late? well it is a matter of about what and why it would be too late!

...would Trump win over Hillary? He just might be able to pull it off!


Super Tuesday...! So far a Political "revelation"...! Trump sounding his trumpet...! But contenders still alive...!