Tuesday, March 1, 2016

FOR History and for our childrens children...!!! Global Warming and CO2...!

FOR History and for our children's children...!!! Global Warming and CO2...!


Year 2100 Projections

ClimateInteractive.org | Based on climate action pledges of UN member countries

Scenario / Data
Rise (2100)
Concentrations (2100)
Annual CO2e
Confirmed ProposalsAs of March 1, 2011
800 ppm CO2   1060 ppm CO2e
103.40 Gt
INDCs StrictAs of December 14, 2015
670 ppm CO2   855 ppm CO2e
81.33 Gt
2°C PathwayAs of October 27, 2015
475 ppm CO2   485 ppm CO2e
6.01 Gt
1.8°C PathwayAs of December 14, 2015
450 ppm CO2   4455 ppm CO2e
2.93 Gt
1.5°C PathwayAs of December 14, 2015
425 ppm CO2   420 ppm CO2e
0.92 Gt
2014 'Actuals'
397 ppm CO2   481 ppm CO2e*
54.96 Gt
Publication Source  Climate Interactive Scoreboard
ppm = parts per million  |  Gt =  gigatonnes = 1 billion tonnes

December 14, 2015
Climate Interactive analyzed the latest nationally-determined contributions to global cuts in the greenhouse gas emissions.  Assuming the contributions are made in full, atmospheric CO2 is projected to reach about 670 parts per million (ppm) and global average temperature increase is projected to reach about 3.5° Celsius above pre-indutrial levels.
Climate Interactive did not post underlying data for its analysis when the above graphic was updated on December 11.  However, prior analyses show a continual rise in global greenhouse gas emissions throughout the 21st Century until 2100 when projections stop.  That is, the projections do not indicate stabilization of global emissions, atmospheric greenhouses gases or global temperature.


...are World Governments and World Economy Models wrong for the final days after CRUDE OIL is finished...???

...WHY continue on the road we are all on for...???

...WHO will be responsible or held responsible after a 100 years from today and onward...???