Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A U.S.A. Politico Profetico! Are "TRUMPS" foreign trade policies and Economic plans really a "FIASCO"?

Election 2016: Your money, your vote

Donald Trump's big economic plan: Fix U.S. trade

by Heather Long   @byHeatherLong March 15, 2016: 2:20 PM ET



 "The great American middle class is disappearing. One of the factors driving this economic devastation is America's disastrous trade policies," Trump wrote in a new op-ed in USA Today.

He says he'll use his deal making skills to turn America back into a winner in trade with China, Mexico and others.

But business leaders and economists from both sides of the aisle warn Trump's idea to slap hefty fees on Chinese and Mexican imports -- as much as 45% -- would be disastrous for the economy.

Here's a rundown of Trump's key arguments on trade. Exit polls show the issue is winning Trump votes. He hopes it will lead to victory in Ohio in a close matchup with Governor John Kasich.

1. Trump's claim: Trade is killing jobs
"Trade is a factor, but technological change has been more important," says Robert Lawrence, professor of international trade at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. Computers and robots are replacing manufacturing jobs. The predictions are that even more positions -- including "highly skilled" ones -- will be replaced by robots in the coming years.
2. Trump: Ohio has lost 100,000 jobs to trade
3. Trump's plan: The art of the (trade) deal
Trump's solution is to renegotiate trade agreements (the U.S. currently has 20 free-trade deals in place) and put taxes (known as tariffs) on Chinese and Mexican imports.
The problem is China and Mexico aren't likely to send Trump a thank you note. They would probably retaliate by putting taxes on U.S. goods coming into their countries. It could cause a global trade war.
"His plan to put on a 35% tariff on goods imported would sink this country into a recession. It would penalize global companies that are trying to be competitive globally," HP Enterprises (HPE, Tech30) CEO Meg Whitman, a prominent Republican, said recently.
4. Trump says stop the TPP trade deal

The bottom line

Bashing trade is helping Trump win votes. But both Republican and Democratic experts warn his plan to "fix" trade deals could cause an economic war that leaves Americans even worse off.
CNNMoney (New York) First published March 15, 2016: 1:04 PM ET


A U.S.A. Politico Profetico! Are "TRUMPS" foreign trade policies and Economic plans really a "FIASCO"?

...i say we are in a Globalized World, and we cannot build a CASTLE TRUMP USA isolated on a hilltop!

...i do agree, there has to be a way of making it a more level playing field for USA jobs! But for this, how do you increase wages, or lower goods costs, to compete with cheap overseas labor?

...Donaldo TRUMPET, your TRUMP is very clearly a FIASCO! Your empire is due to non level playing fields! SO YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT MORE LEVEL FOR ALL! The big question is, the IGNORANCE of your supporters is deplorable! And we do not know how you are going to do so many miracles with your magic wand!

...But folks, alerting the angry ignorants, that TRUMP could be worse than the SICKNESS, has never been easy with guys like this!

...WHAT EVERYBODY is ignoring, is that the Car industry and Electronics has topped relatively to durability, quality, value, usage devaluation, population, wages, and World Economy...! And is living off a bigger cycle of Population Growth, which is the death of our Planet, but a lot of Capitalism depends on this deadly principle! More buyer for more items! Plus Global Warming and CO2 emissions!

SO EVERYBODY IS SWEARING "TRUMP" is their SAVIOR PANACEA, and today there is no PANACEA for the complexity of the ECONOMY!

SOMETIMES AS SOME WORLD COUNTRIES, YOU GIVE A TRY TO A STYLE OF GOVERNMENT, AND THEN THE TURN AROUND or comeback is very hard to do! NOBODY in their wildest dreams, would expect something so bad to happen to USA!