Friday, November 27, 2015

A BLACK friday milenial game for all...! Please free to download it for your notebook computer...! A Microsft pad is merely something extra to have...!

A BLACK friday millennial game for all...! Please free to download it for your notebook computer...! A Microsoft pad is merely something extra to have...!

I RECOMMEND and use "Comodo FREE Firewall"!

...please extract and click of pinball...! no GEEKS or GOOKS or worse PHILIPPINE QUACKS...!


A POEM of mine for DECEMBER 2015 and before Her Majesty gives us her stupid Christmas message of baby boy Jesus or other...!!!

A POEM of mine for DECEMBER 2015 and before Her Majesty gives us her stupid Christmas message of baby boy Jesus or other...!!!




BANK of CANADA History Interest Rates "THEFTS"...!!!

BANK of CANADA History Interest Rates "THEFTS"...!!!

...any interest rate more than 100% of gain, that is from 0% is twice the gain...!!!


"INORDINATE GAINS with non-humane and bad social results...!!! 

...DO YOU KNOW MATHS? 10% is 1000% of 1% gains...!!!

10/100 = 1000/100 x 1/100...!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Migrant crisis: 'EU cannot take any more refugees'...!!! CATHOLICS please distribute CONTRACEPTIVES...!!!

Migrants arrive on the Greek island of Lesbos on 24 November 2015 

Migrant crisis: 'EU cannot take any more refugees'

European countries cannot accept any more refugees, the French prime minister has been quoted as saying.
Manuel Valls said stricter control of the EU's external borders would determine the bloc's fate, in comments published by the Sueddeutsche Zeitung.
Europe's border controls have come under renewed scrutiny since the attacks in Paris on 13 November.
European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker has said that the Schengen agreement is "partly comatose".
Several EU countries have imposed border controls in recent week - despite the Schengen system of passport-free movement - amid the arrival of hundreds of thousands of migrants, many of whom are fleeing Syria and Iraq.
Some countries imposed new restrictions after a forged Syrian passport was found next to the body of one of the perpetrators involved in the Islamic State attacks on the French capital.


REFUGEES really a problem...!!! They are overloading the system...!!!

...we wish that the destructive CATHOLICS and their JESUS would build us all PLANET EARTH number 2 to have an extra PLANET to over-populate...!

...we wish refugees would use "CONTRACEPTIVES" please...!



Contest hopes over as Miss World Canada deemed unwelcome by China ...! Anything with "C" generally is not good...!

Miss World Canada 2015 Anastasia Lin from Toronto. (Sabrina Liu/Miss World Canada)

Contest hopes over as Miss World Canada deemed unwelcome by China

A Canadian "chinese" immigrant with a Canadian Passport, "non-grata" to China...!

China considers Canada’s Miss World contestant, Anastasia Lin, non grata, or unwelcome, putting to rest any hopes she had of travelling to the country for the world championship that is already under way in the resort of Sanya.
Ms. Lin had been waiting for Beijing to grant her a visa, even though the deadline for entry had passed on Nov. 20. A 25-year-old actress and University of Toronto graduate, Ms. Lin has been vocal about Chinese political repression throughout most of her campaign leading up her coronation as Miss World Canada last May. The lingering question after she qualified for the big contest is whether China, which was in the crosshairs of her criticism, would send her the visa that would allow her to participate in the event.
Up until last night, China’s position on the controversy was vague. Responding to a Globe and Mail query about Ms. Lin’s status, however, the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa said that “China does not allow any persona non grata to come to China,” not mentioning Ms. Lin by name.
Spokesman Yundong Yang cited its decision as being part of his country’s sovereign prerogative, adding that “I simply do not understand why some people pay special attention to this matter and have raised it repeatedly.”
..."]]] would wonder why a CAUCASIAN Blood Naturalized Canadian is non-Grata to many in Canada...???

...Because non-Caucasians do not like me here, and many others...!!!


...the true answer: BOTH...!!! CHINA and CANADA...!!!

...I MUST ADD THAT THE LETTER "V" is really dirtied also: VIETNAM, VENEZUELA, VATICAN, ...!!!


Monday, November 23, 2015

A update on MH-370 because of "Reunion" and the debri found of a "Flap"...!

0° of Earths rotation at E90°, for 00:00hrs from from start into Indian Ocean...

20° at E70°

40° at E50°

90°- 50° = 40° degree rotation of Earth = 40/15 = 2.66hrs

A update on MH-370 because of "Reunion" and the debri found of a "Flap"...!

...only because they finally have realized that a "ping" of some sort sounded in the Indian Ocean from what is believed to be the Boeing 777 MH-370, in a World on the look out for UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS "U.F.O.'S", does make you wonder what other Satellites where on the lookout for a ANTARCTIC(Ant_Arc_tic) Oriental Indian Ocean attack...!!!

...anyway, just thinking a bit "strait", and wondering what a Captain would do without a GPS to not land in MADAGASCAR or AFRICA after more than 3 hours of flight, because of Earth's amount of ROTATION in that time more or less, he would have to head towards AUSTRALIA to finally land in the MIDDLE of the INDIAN OCEAN as far away as possible from anything foiling up "his success"...!

...but again, I am no "Prophet(Profit)" or Magician...!

...whenever you use a JET and Aviation, it is really very dangerous, and you should have a big travel and flight insurance...!


Friday, November 20, 2015

The un-known "Evolution" road from "NOTHING/NADA" to the first animal and plant CELL...!

The un-known "Evolution" road from "NOTHING/NADA" to the first animal and plant CELL...!


[2] Evolution "magic wishful thinking" #2:

    Home News

Daily news

14 October 2009
How life evolved: 10 steps to the first cells

Back to feature: Was our oldest ancestor a proton-powered rock?

We may never be able to prove beyond any doubt how life first evolved. But of the many explanations proposed, one stands out – the idea that life evolved in hydrothermal vents deep under the sea. Not in the superhot black smokers, but more placid affairs known as alkaline hydrothermal vents.

This theory can explain life’s strangest feature, and there is growing evidence to support it.

Earlier this year, for instance, lab experiments confirmed that conditions in some of the numerous pores within the vents can lead to high concentrations of large molecules. This makes the vents an ideal setting for the “RNA world” widely thought to have preceded the first cells.

If life did evolve in alkaline hydrothermal vents, it might have happened something like this:

Water percolated down into newly formed rock under the seafloor, where it reacted with minerals such as olivine, producing a warm alkaline fluid rich in hydrogen, sulphides and other chemicals – a process called serpentinisation.

This hot fluid welled up at alkaline hydrothermal vents like those at the Lost City, a vent system discovered near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in 2000.

Unlike today’s seas, the early ocean was acidic and rich in dissolved iron. When upwelling hydrothermal fluids reacted with this primordial seawater, they produced carbonate rocks riddled with tiny pores and a “foam” of iron-sulphur bubbles.

Inside the iron-sulphur bubbles, hydrogen reacted with carbon dioxide, forming simple organic molecules such as methane, formate and acetate. Some of these reactions were catalysed by the iron-sulphur minerals. Similar iron-sulphur catalysts are still found at the heart of many proteins today.

The electrochemical gradient between the alkaline vent fluid and the acidic seawater leads to the spontaneous formation of acetyl phosphate and pyrophospate, which act just like adenosine triphosphate or ATP, the chemical that powers living cells.

These molecules drove the formation of amino acids – the building blocks of proteins – and nucleotides, the building blocks for RNA and DNA.

Thermal currents and diffusion within the vent pores concentrated larger molecules like nucleotides, driving the formation of RNA and DNA – and providing an ideal setting for their evolution into the world of DNA and proteins. Evolution got under way, with sets of molecules capable of producing more of themselves starting to dominate.

Fatty molecules coated the iron-sulphur froth and spontaneously formed cell-like bubbles. Some of these bubbles would have enclosed self-replicating sets of molecules – the first organic cells. The earliest protocells may have been elusive entities, though, often dissolving and reforming as they circulated within the vents.

The evolution of an enzyme called pyrophosphatase, which catalyses the production of pyrophosphate, allowed the protocells to extract more energy from the gradient between the alkaline vent fluid and the acidic ocean. This ancient enzyme is still found in many bacteria and archaea, the first two branches on the tree of life.

Some protocells started using ATP as well as acetyl phosphate and pyrophosphate. The production of ATP using energy from the electrochemical gradient is perfected with the evolution of the enzyme ATP synthase, found within all life today.

Protocells further from the main vent axis, where the natural electrochemical gradient is weaker, started to generate their own gradient by pumping protons across their membranes, using the energy released when carbon dioxide reacts with hydrogen.

This reaction yields only a small amount of energy, not enough to make ATP. By repeating the reaction and storing the energy in the form of an electrochemical gradient, however, protocells “saved up” enough energy for ATP production.

Once protocells could generate their own electrochemical gradient, they were no longer tied to the vents. Cells left the vents on two separate occasions, with one exodus giving rise to bacteria and the other to archaea.


...until SCIENCE EVOLUTION makes in a LABORATORY the first true PLANT and ANIMAL CELL, that is "LIFE", we can surely affirm EVOLUTION is merely a HYPOTHESIS at its best if not merely a non-logic assumption...!

Please refer to:
The First Cell
It appears that life first emerged at least 3.8 billion years ago, approximately 750 million years after Earth was formed (Figure 1.1). How life originated and how the first cell came into being are matters of speculation, since these events cannot be reproduced in the laboratory. Nonetheless, several types of experiments provide important evidence bearing on some steps of the process.

...EVOLUTION as Science is really in logic and pure logic, merely "WISHFUL THINKING", because they are only imagining making the first cell, which they have not been able to make much less make LIFE in a laboratory...!!!

...WE CAN ALL BE SURE THAT "JEHOVAH nor JESUS" made the first cell...!

...AND WE CAN BE ASSURED, that because you THINK you cannot stop the regressive LOOP, of explaining where did the GODS/entities come from, equally you cannot explain the RATIONAL from the IRRATIONAL (the ANIMATE from the INANIMATE), of MOTHER NATURE...! We only cannot explain this regressive loop of ORIGINS...!
...AND THUS we are only in the PRESENCE of "ABYSSES of knowledge/WHICH IS knowledge very difficult and complex to find out", and not ignorant SCIENCE EVOLUTION...!


Friday, September 2, 2016

Understanding Evolution!




Welcome to Evolution 101!

by the Understanding Evolution team

What is evolution and how does it work? Evolution 101 provides the nuts-and-bolts on the patterns and mechanisms of evolution. You can explore the following sections:

What is macroevolution?

Macroevolution generally refers to evolution above the species level. So instead of focusing on an individual beetle species, a macroevolutionary lens might require that we zoom out on the tree of life, to assess the diversity of the entire beetle clade and its position on the tree. logic and pure/complete logic, Evolution does not comply with all of logic...! there is not the complete needed and apparent data and information needed!

...Evolution simply denies anything else than "matter"! And affirms as only acceptable theory "lifeless matter" making life and intelligence! 

...Pure Logic denies the Bible in nearly all its content, as mere myths made faith by the Roman Emperor Constantine, and later the Bible of the 4th Century and after. my usage of pure/complete logic definitions, I have not found out really if Evolution could be true somehow, nor do understand it to be true! Not even if it inexplicably happened! There is no road fram for it to happen fortuitously merely! Evolutionists even deny this.




Monday, November 16, 2015

Ministers of Defense "K(C)-A-N-A-D-A"...!!!

Ministers of Defense "K(C)-A-N-A-D-A"...!!!

...No worries! We are showing the World to be "multicultural" and loose our own "identity"...!
...SORRY, but INDIA, CHINA, PHILIPPINES, VENEZUELA(racists against Americans) have their own identity, and do not share the ideals of modern countries...!
...SO WHY DO WE SUBMIT TO THEM? We are not teaching them anything! THEY ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OVER US!
...Sorry we are not in INDIA, nor are they interested in ANY CANADIAN "CAUCASIAN" in their top GOVERNMENT...!

...i think TRUDEAU must be seeing "VISIONS AND is DELUSIONAL"...! and we have been dis-honored and dirtied by a foreign invasion...! FROM a RACIST EAST INDIAN that does not marry with CANADIANS, and a Foreign RELIGION...!








...No worries! We are showing the World to be "multicultural" and loose our own "identity"...!
...SORRY, but INDIA, CHINA, PHILIPPINES, MEXICO or VENEZUELA(racists against Americans and English names) have their own identity, and do not share the ideals of modern countries...!
...SO WHY DO WE SUBMIT TO THEM? We are not teaching them anything! THEY ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OVER US!

...Sorry we are not in INDIA, nor are they interested in ANY CANADIAN "CAUCASIAN" in their top GOVERNMENT...!

...i think TRUDEAU must be seeing "VISIONS or is DELUSIONAL"...!

...and we have been dis-honored and dirtied by a foreign invasion, FROM a RACIST EAST INDIAN that does not marry with CANADIANS, and a Foreign RELIGION...!


Friday, November 13, 2015

Canada's LIBERAL "Party" wants you all to forever remember them...! BECAUSE IT IS 2015 and not 500 years ago...!




  __   __    __   __|     |                 __   |__,
(__| (__) (__) (__|     |_,  (__(_  (___  |    \

  __   __   __    __    __|   __                    o  _|_   |__
(___ (__ ( |  ) (__(  (__| (__(     (__(__(   |    |_ , |    )

_|_   |__     ___       |    o   |__   ___      __     __    |         __
  |_,  |    )  (__/_     |_, |   |__) (__/_  |    '  (__(   |_,   __) 

 __   __   __|          |    ___    o
(__ ( |  ) (__|     (__,  (__/_  |                                 

_|_     __             __|   ___     __       
  |_,  |   '  (__(_  (__| (__/_  (__(   (__(_


 good luck canada with the liberals and jei trudeau ...!!!




Canada's LIBERAL "Party" wants you all to forever remember them...! BECAUSE IT IS 2015 and not 500 years ago...!

A BLACK "T"(tee) "SHIRT" with Female and Male symbols on it...!? we ask? what is the 50 with the female "zero sign" really mean or wanted to mean?
...and we ask? what is the 50 with the male "zero sign" really mean or wanted to mean?

a.- could it be 50 divided by 50?
b.- could it be 50 over 50?
c.- could it be 50 times 50?
d.- could it be that they will always make sure the Parliament by Liberals is 50% men and 50% women...?
e.- I know...! they are 50% men, gays and lesbians...?
f.- it cannot be that we are in more "modern" times, when they do other real ancient things...? that they say it is 2015...!?
g.- why does the female symbol face downwards? is that the "backside/bottom/a_ss" of a woman? or a white cross mean? merely that is the symbol!?
h.- why does the male symbol face upwards in angle? does that mean a wheel in the gully? or the speedometer of a car? or temperature gauge? merely that is the sign!?

Sorry my imagination just goes so wild...!

Why sell this tee shirt, when they wont be able to keep it 50% ♀ , and 50% ♂ 

WHY NOT SIMPLY PUT IT, Women equality with men...! Why use these symbols?
OR A TEE SHIRT LIKE THIS:   Women = = MEN ; XX = = xy ...!!! or: 50% Women & 50% Men Because it's the 21st Century!
or: 1/2 Women
          1/2 Men

There is a problem of interpretation with the FORWARD SLASH symbol "/"...! Why not backslash "\"...? 

You see: 50 / 50 = 50 ÷ 50 = 1 in Mathematics...!?

What does 50 divided 50 equals 1 really mean?


I FIND IT HARD TO NOT interpret something "not right", and all good...!

ANYWAY, FOLKS...!  Time will tell us all, won't it...?!



Thursday, November 12, 2015

MY BOOK 1: "Book of Pure Logic - George Frederick Thomson Broadhead", to all the World so that all may know many REAL TRUTH with NO SO-PENA as the BIBLE has or other RELIGION...!!! - UK - Author page - USA - Author page

MY BOOK 1: "Book of Pure Logic - George Frederick Thomson Broadhead", to all the World so that all may know many REAL TRUTH with NO SO-PENA[sicknesses or damnation] as the BIBLE menaces or other RELIGION...!!!

In pure logic you are free, from all slavery, to enjoy this World and Planet, Heaven of Peace and Love...! excuse for anybody to live in ignorance of the proven truths of pure logic...!

PLEASE PURCHASE A SAMPLE OF MY BOOK FROM 1 the 1st to 3rd Editions, clearly original as presented, at any of these World available places ONLINE...!!!






 AMAZON [italy] [germany] [japan] [china] [india] [brazil] [france] [mexico] [spain] [united kingdom]

IBERLIBRO.COM [SPAIN] [abe-books-com] [usa]





Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Richard Dawkins locopedia for Tuesday/Martes/"MARS"...! Teaching Evolution and what really it is...! And they say Evolution is Science...!

A Richard Dawkins locopedia for Tuesday/Martes/"MARS"...! Teaching Evolution and what really it is...! And they say Evolution is Science...!


Evolution = Reason & Intelligence from Cold non-Life Matter of Mother Nature...!!!
Religion = Origins from a "male" violent/insane God that has no-sex or wife, but makes it...!!!

George Frederick Thomson

Shared publicly  -  9:56 AM
...if you teach evolution you are as ignorant as a child that does not know how to even speak...! and you ignore true logic...! this is different to strange ideas and logic of the Bible...!
Teachers like Mary need your help in combatting superstition. Our Teacher Institute for Evolutionary Science (TIES) provides much needed resources to teachers seeking to properly teach evolution in our public school.


Monday, November 9, 2015

Politico: "Baird vs the now Dion"...! Foreign Affairs Ministry - Lester B. Pearson building.

A portrait of the Queen at the entrance of the Foreign Affairs building in Ottawa was replaced by twin paintings by celebrated Quebec artist Alfred Pellan today.

The painting "Canada East" by Alfred Pellan
Quebec artist Alfred Pellan  -1988
A painting entitled Canada West by Alfred Pellan. Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird removed it and replaced it with portrait of the Queen late last month.

A better looking desk front Ministry Foreign Affairs...!

Two paintings by Quebec artist Alfred Pellan are back on display in the Lester B. Pearson building, four years after the Conservatives removed them to make room for a...

George Frederick Thomson

Shared publicly  -  4:01 PM
I do not see what ART and Foreign Affairs has to do with it...!

But I would bet more on the UK than some Art of Canada...!

Why not locate the Queen and this Art together ?

The Art to the left or right, and the Queen and Gov. Seals either way, or somehow, all smaller...! Or art smaller ...???

...i do like the art: "wet feet and legs, and backs and roofs...!" and wet mountains...!and then the western canada one, and divided faces, and the american "something"...!!! dark red clouds and same color at base of mountains...! etc...


A Monday/Lunes/"LUNA" Politico of J. Trudeau 23rd Prime Minister and the 42nd Parliament...! 3RD dEC ... "3D"...!

A Monday/Lunes/"LUNA" Politico of J. Trudeau 23rd Prime Minister and the 42nd Parliament...! 3RD dEC ... "3D"...!

...i had forgotten, the why everybody looks at each other in Canada Parliament and English Parliament...! 

...because they are sitting along a isle with the House speaker at one end, and the main door at the other...!!!

...some get a left neck twist turn hurt, and some get a right one...! ...really amazing...!

...USA and others face around the center in a semi-circle, as an amphitheater, which is more Roman and modern style...!

...I DO WISH GOOD LUCK TO ALL at the final glow of light at the end of the TUNNEL...! ...when their Religion becomes "true/TRU_DEAU" and we all see JESUS and SATAN and the Demons, and THE ANGELS, Cherubim's and Seraphim's, and MOSES [alleged writer of the Book of Genesis !], and all the "PROFITS"/prophets...! Probably in a new World make believe new start, with that Jesus Reigning...!!! Only that they will have to make up all miracles as the CATHOLIC CHURCH does today...!

I AM SURE as in WW2, you can make villages areas of mobile homes for REFUGEES and please include the homeless...!!! PROBLEM SOLVED...!!! Upppsss...!!!

WE ALL "EARNESTLY" AWAIT "TRU_deau" and all his "JACK AND JILL surprises IN THE BOX"...!!!

EVERYBODY: "...row, rowww, row your boat(canoe), gently up the stream,... life is "_just" a DREAM...!!!


Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Sabath/Saturday/Sabado/"Saturn" Politico of J. Trudeau 23rd Prime Minister and the 42nd Parliament...!

A Sabbath/Saturday/Sabado/"Saturn" Politico of J. Trudeau 23rd Prime Minister and the 42nd Parliament...!


...many things were said about Justin Trudeau and the Liberals in the Campaign...!

...i am sure much more were not said about him...!

...a day dreamer of low I.Q. stoned by pot, and who knows what else...!


...And what is killing me, is if of the more or less 300,000 immigrants for 2015, many who will be our new competitors for food and work, the alleged SIRIAN REFUGEES and OTHERS are included in this regular yearly number of IMMIGRANTS, and be it known to all, plus around 300,000 NEW BORN BABIES IN CANADA...!!!

...these 300,000 new born babies will have millions of immigrants already ahead of them, competing for their studies and work and jobs, before they are even adults...!!! in cities that are already getting a bit "over-packed"...!!! 


Thursday, November 5, 2015

A politico for "Thursday/Jupiter": ...a wake up to reality, after the public disillusions of promises by "Jei" Trudeau...!

A politico for "Thursday/Jupiter": ...a wake up to reality, after the public disillusions of promises by "Jei" Trudeau...!

...this is a full reference of this important wake up article:

...but FIRST DO NOT FORGET "CHRETIEN" and his failed big promises to scrap the GST...!


For a stronger economy, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals should break this campaign promise

Jason Clemens and Niels Veldhuis, Special to Financial Post | November 4, 2015 | Last Updated: Nov 4 10:50 AM ET
More from Special to Financial Post
Comment: Let us hope that the new government realizes quickly the difference between campaigning and governing like their Liberals predecessors did in the 1990s.
NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images Comment: Let us hope that the new government realizes quickly the difference between campaigning and governing like their Liberals predecessors did in the 1990s.
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Chretien understood the difference between campaigning and governing. Trudeau should, too

Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau led his Liberal Party back from third-party status in Parliament to capture a majority government. Trudeau can learn much from his Liberal predecessor, Jean Chretien, who had three successive majority governments in 1993, 1997, and 2003.

It is in the interests of all Canadians, regardless of political allegiances or philosophical dispositions, that our national government succeed. This is particularly true given the Liberal focus on promoting stronger economic growth.

A critical Chretien lesson for Trudeau is that winning an election is different from governing. Chretien understood this and did not become fixated on checking boxes from the campaign promises contained in the Liberal Red Book. Early on in the first mandate, Chretien realized the need to balance the country’s finances and begin reducing debt, which became the animating goal for his entire government between 1994 and 1997.

Research overwhelming shows that high tax rates influence economic decisions
This almost singular focus on balancing the books meant discarding one of the Red Book’s most prominent commitments —scrapping the GST. It also meant shelving the commitment to a national daycare program. While Chretien was heavily criticized for failing to implement these policies, they in part helped his government achieve an historic set of objectives: balancing the budget, reducing federal debt, and beginning to reduce the most damaging taxes (capital gains, income and business) so as to make Canada more competitive. The balancing of the budget was a critical success for which the Liberals were rewarded with an overwhelming electoral victory in 1997.

Lawrence Solomon: St├ęphane Dion’s lesson for Justin Trudeau
Terence Corcoran: Canada’s brand new climate Boy Scout joins countdown to Paris
The animating theme of the Trudeau Liberals is to improve economic growth and middle-class economic prospects, though the reality of the latter being a problem is more folklore than reality. Nonetheless, the Trudeau government will be rightly judged against the country’s economic performance.


The Liberal campaign platform has some laudable goals and policies that could lead to improved economic performance. However, one of the worrying policy initiatives, and one that is hopefully de-prioritized, is the raising of the top marginal federal tax rate on personal income from 29 to 33 per cent.

This four percentage-point increase needs to be understood within the context of several provinces having already raised their own top marginal tax rates. For instance, Alberta has increased its provincial tax rate from 10 to 15 per cent. This means the combined federal-provincial personal tax rate in Alberta will increase from 39 per cent to 48 per cent, an increase of 23 per cent. But most provinces will have rates over 50 per cent.

The problem with this policy is that research overwhelming shows that such tax increases and high tax rates influence economic decisions by workers, employers, investors, and entrepreneurs. Their decisions on where to locate, the extent to which they work, their willingness to create or expand businesses, and whether they invest are all influenced in part by the reward they receive from undertaking such activities. By markedly reducing the returns to such activities, the government will create strong disincentives for people to undertake such activities.

Skilled labour, professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs need to be encouraged, not discouraged, from fully employing their talents in Canada, which is the foundation for improved economic growth.

The economic framework of the previous Liberal government, A Plan for Growth and Prosperity, highlighted the importance of lowering — not raising — personal income tax rates on middle- and upper-income Canadians: “Lower personal taxes would also provide greater rewards and incentives for middle-and high-income Canadians to work, save and invest.”

The Trudeau Liberals recognized the power of tax incentives in their own platform by remaining committed to the policy of competitive business taxes, which were started under the Chretien Liberals and continued under the Tories.

There are other policies that are hopefully re-assessed within the framework of pursuing stronger economic growth. Weakening the incentives for work effort, savings, investment, and entrepreneurship while making Canada less competitive, is not the path to stronger economic growth. Let us hope that the new government realizes quickly the difference between campaigning and governing like their Liberals predecessors did in the 1990s.

Jason Clemens and Niels Veldhuis are economists with the Fraser Institute and co-authors of The Canadian Century, which documented the historic reforms of the 1990s.



Terence Corcoran: The Trudeau II coronation is over — now time to face reality

Terence Corcoran | November 4, 2015 10:30 PM ET
More from Terence Corcoran | @terencecorcoran

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Well, at least the coronation of Trudeau II is out of the way. Now the new young King of all Good Causes will move, accompanied by a 30-member cabinet of diversity and inclusiveness, of young innocents and ancient backroom hackers, to the next phase of what promises to be one of the most painful political adventures in the history of the Dominion of Canada.

Can Prime Minister Justin Trudeau even begin to deliver on his promise to transform the government of Canada into some new shining beacon of openness, collaboration, principle and trust? No, he cannot. Nor can he long continue as the defender of all the shibboleths and empty slogans that still dominate the hackneyed rhetoric and political correctness that animated the Liberals through the election.

The cabinet titles alone reflect vacuous pandering to the false notion that government has the responsibility and capacity to mould and uplift all sectors of society. For starters, the prime minister has assigned himself the role of minister of youth, an undefined job he launched into immediately after taking the oath of office by joining an online Google Hangout for schoolkids.

Being minister of youth apparently doesn’t cover enough youth, and so another cabinet minister has been assigned to the Ministry of Families, Children and Social Development. There’s also a sports minister. In other areas there’s an infrastructure minister, plus a minister of small business, a minister of democratic institutions, and a minister of science — which apparently is to be distinguished from the minister of innovation, science and economic development. The minister of the environment is now also minister of climate change, where it looks like no science is required. The minister of international trade is presumably different from the minister of international development.

Gary Clement/National Post
Gary Clement/National Post
Trudeau declared that “government by cabinet is back” and that the Liberals will make sure “open data and evidence-based policy is at the heart of policy-making.” Cabinet ministers, we are told, will have authority to make some of their own decisions free from the bossy control of the PMO and policy insiders.

This is mostly fantasy. No government can delegate policy-making to individual cabinet ministers. It’s not even clear that, when the crunch comes, cabinet necessarily rules, especially a cabinet as alarmingly devoid of experience and depth as the one Trudeau appointed.

But enough of this. The sooner the Trudeau government can get down to reality-based policies and statements, the better for the government and all Canadians.

Ottawa has been at a standstill for at least a year, smothered in election campaign gibberish, false promises and glib sloganeering. The country is now adrift in fiscal uncertainty and heading into a global climate conference that could saddle Canada with growth-killing and unreachable carbon emissions targets.

One clear sign reality is creeping up on the new government is the climbdown on Syrian refugees. The Liberal promise of allowing 25,000 to enter Canada by the end of the year — an campaign ploy — is gone, suddenly deemed impossible by experts within days of the election. While Europe is absorbing millions of refugees, Canada has yet to set any new targets heading into 2016.

There will be more policy retrenchment in coming months. Among the many major challenges facing Ottawa, none can be resolved with a prime ministerial hug or another round of gender parity.

John Ivison: For one day, Trudeau's positive symbolism was an antidote to austere Harper years
Tasha Kheiriddin: Spare us the fawning — Trudeau appointed just three more women to cabinet than Harper
Andrew Coyne: No obvious clunkers in Trudeau cabinet, but why are committees dominated by men?
Budgets, deficits and infrastructure: imaginary money flew everywhere during the election, but the slowdown in world growth and falling oil and commodity prices mean that Ottawa, the provinces and major cities have less cash to spend on high-profile transportation and other projects. Ballooning deficits and lower tax collections provide a weak foundation for major infrastructure borrowing, not just in Ottawa. Unless care is taken, Canadian governments could soon find themselves back on the debt treadmill.


Tax policy: soak the rich to pay for middle-class tax cuts makes for good election results but bad economic policy. Will Finance Minister Bill Morneau, who might know that gouging Canada’s few high-income earners is economically destructive, have new authority as a free-thinking cabinet minister to tell Canadians he has better ideas?

Climate change: at the United Nations conference in Paris, more than 190 countries and 40,000 bureaucrats and NGO activists will attempt to come up with a plan to control the climate, transfer billions from rich nations to poor, and force Canada to sign on to significant carbon emissions limits. It will be interesting to see what “open data and evidence-based” policy calculations Trudeau produces over the next 30 days when he joins Elizabeth May, provincial premiers and his new green Minister of Climate Change in Paris.

King Trudeau is a charming man who seems to believe his own rhetoric and in his promises. It will be painful to watch if, as seems likely, his rhetoric gets run over by reality.

Financial Post

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...we will always remEMber the Liberals for ever, and not so much the Conservatives and Stevie Harper...!

...Chretien lied on many things as the GST...!

...and now to the contrary, TRUDEAU says they cannot balance the BALANCED BUDGET, but increase the debt, which is catastrophicall for us "poor guys and middle class"...!

...HOW will these sh_it LIBERALS win the following elections of the NEXT CONSERVATIVES BALANCERS...??? A UTOPIA future for CANADA...!


Lets not forget...! DO YOU BELIEVE...? Asteroid "SPOOKY" on Sunday Halloween...! And the "line-up" of Canada's Election and New Gov. on the 4th Nov...!

Asteroid 2015 TB145 orbit pass by

Tracking “Spooky” The Halloween Asteroid

Thursday, November 5, 2015
Lets not forget...! DO YOU BELIEVE...? Asteroid "SPOOKY" on Sunday Halloween...! And the "line-up" of Canada's Election and New Gov. on the 4th Nov...!;orb=1

[UPDATE 10/28 8:13 PM]

In the nearly 3 weeks since Spooky’s discovery, astronomers have been compiling images of the asteroid, in an attempt to learn more about this strange rock and to pinpoint its orbit, speed, and size. Slooh members have been an integral part of this operation, submitting dozens of their own images taken using Slooh’s global observatories to the Minor Planet Center.

[UPDATE 10/28 10:25 AM]

‘Spooky’ is a unique asteroid in a number of ways. One of them is its highly inclined orbit, which is causing a number of issues for astronomers attempting to track it. This inclined orbit is part of the reason the asteroid was discovered so late, since it placed it outside the usual observation area for Near Earth Asteroids.

The precise timing of Spooky’s close approach has also been surprisingly difficult to pin down. Its odd orbit, rapid speed and the fact it was discovered just a few weeks ago has kept astronomers racing to measure when the closest approach will actually happen. Initially, that time was described as roughly 1:18 PM ET on Halloween. In just days, and after much observation including by Slooh Astronomers, that time has been pulled back to about 1 PM ET. Because of this change in time, Slooh has decided to adjust the start time of our Halloween broadcast, pulling it back from 1 PM to 12:30 PM ET.

[UPDATE 10/27 4:30 PM]

NASA has been tracking asteroids and other Near Earth Objects since the late 90s, with the goal to track all objects larger than 140m by 2020. But not everyone believes NASA has all the tools they need to track all those objects. Dr. Ed Lu, the co-founder and CEO of the B612 Foundation, spoke to Slooh about this very thing back in 2013.


...spooky asteroid is "scary", as it's inclined orbit and high speed, made it to come from where it was not expected as an asteroid, but rather a comet characteristics of orbit...!

...asteroids and the asteroid belt, are a mystery their selves...!

...and in pure logic, we do believe Asteroids have struck our Planet, and what happened then and how we are here today is of course the other mysteries...!