Saturday, October 17, 2015

Monday, 19th October 2015: ...the future of Canada for the next 4 years or more...!

George Frederick Thomson

Shared publicly  -  11:23 PM

Particularly the Liberals have not proven to me to be of any good for me nor Canada!

Was the long gun registry scrap a mistake? I do not have all the data!

Are the F-35 also a mistake too costly? Well not for a high class first World country that should be of some persuading power! WHY NOT BUY 40 aditional Super-Hornets or of the EURO-fighter? I HAVE NEVER LIKED mere "diplo-mats"...!

A LIBERALS slogan was, while interest rates are low? SO THEY MUST BELIEVE IN BREAKING and not helping THE MIDDLE CLASS...!

SO BEWARE CANADA, we might be waking up to a real bad nightmare, not revealed yet! 150 EXTRA billion dollars that has to come from exactly many they claim are going to help!

TO HAVE unarmed "pussies" as border agents, is their LOGIC, which is a failed one...!

GOOD LUCK! WE DO NOT KNOW which leaky boat we are going to wake up in next week...!

...i would hope the best, but expect the worst...!