Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fausta's Blog for today Tuesday 16...! - The Magna Carta...!; Cuba: Azel nails it; Colombia: Pope Francis meddling with "peace process"; Bill Clinton might gather with wives of Political Prisoners Venezuela!


The Magna Carta...!

George Frederick Thomson

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Our mostly basic rights from way back since year 1212, and we got atrocities of Governments flagrant crimes and abuses!

Like the Catholic Church INQUISITION of around year 1478!

Then War genocides!

Communist Governments like Cuba since 1953! Or Burma, China, and now a variation of Venezuela-cubanism!

Where is anybody's knowledge???
Happy Magna Carta Day! | Fausta's Blog

Cuba for ever Military Communists...!

George Frederick Thomson

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When will Cuba be something else after the Castro's?

According to reason! Never! The Military hold 70% of the Economy, and will not let go!

By some estimates, including the University of Miami's Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies, the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces controls over 70% of the economy. Enterprise Management Group (GAESA), the 


What has the Pope or the Catholic Church really done for any country...??? Nada, "nuta", naught!


George Frederick Thomson

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I do not see any reason for meddling with Governments by the Pope, other than the survival of a Ancient Dinosaur, that preaches they are a social need!

The need is they look for money from Governments!!!

The Catholic church morphs with the ages, but are INQUISITIONISTS AND OBSCURANTISTS, to flourish with the superstitions and ignorance of ignorant people!

There is not one modern Catholic country in the World, not even ITALY!

“. . . se mostró enseguida “dispuesto a desempeñar el papel que sea necesario” para poner fin al “más viejo conflicto de Latinoamérica”. [My translation: . . . he's 

 Bill Clinton might have a gathering with wives of Venezuelan Political prisoners!

George Frederick Thomson

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Con Diplomaticos se logra poco! Pero peor es peor!

Venezuelan Political prisoners wife's might gather with Bill Clinton in Panama!
¡TODOS ATENTOS! Bill Clinton podría reunirse con Mitzy de Ledezma y Lilian Tintori en Panamá http://ow.ly/2X8Lp3
Carlos Vecchio, coordinador del partido Voluntad Popular y exiliado desde el año pasado por persecución política, sostuvo un breve encuentro con el expresidente de Estados Unidos Bill Clinton.
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