Wednesday, May 13, 2015

WHY look for a missing link for ? Or it is or it isn't...!!!

Deep-Sea Microbe is Missing Link in Evolution

Scientists have discovered a new deep-sea microbe that, as it turns out, represents a missing link in the evolution of complex life, according to new research.

Cells are the basic building blocks of all life on our planet. The cells of bacteria and other microbes, for example, are small and simple, whereas visible life - including plants, fungi, but also animals and humans - are generally made up of large, complex cell types. However, the origin of these complex cell types has long been a mystery to scientists - that is, until now.


By Will Dunham

Deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean between Greenland and Norway, scientists have found microorganisms they call a missing link connecting the simple cells that first populated Earth to the complex cellular life that emerged roughly 2 billion years ago.

The researchers said on Wednesday a group of microorganisms called Lokiarchaeota, or Loki for short, were retrieved from the inhospitable, frigid seabed about 1.5 miles (2.35 km) under the ocean surface not too far from a hydrothermal vent system called Loki’s Castle, named after a Norse mythological figure.

The discovery provides insight into how the larger, complex cell types that are the building blocks for fungi, plants and animals including people, a group called eukaryotes, evolved from small, simple microbes, they said.

The Lokiarchaeota are part of a group called Archaea that have relatively simple cells lacking internal structures such as a nucleus. But the researchers found the Lokiarchaeota share with eukaryotes a significant number of genes, many with functions related to the cell membrane.




In pure logic, you do not prove with all available life forms Science/Biology Evolution...!

OR IT IS OR IT IS NOT...! Life is life and not a dream or imagined! You have it there! Explain that first...!!!


YOU HAVE TO MAKE A HUMAN MIND/BRAIN which is the study of the BLUE BRAIN project...!

In pure logic, you do not need also the Bible, nor Jehovah nor his son Jesus, or their missing daughter/sister Jesusa...!!!

WHEN YOU ARE BEING TOLD STORIES OR HALF TRUTHS, you get the following kind of language: It is conclusive and of most of the Science community, billions of years, and on and on...! It was Jehova and Jesus, and on and on...!!!

Sadly you can study as true even a PHD in Economy, and be studying "non-sense" and "hog-wash" "bologna"...!!!

In pure logic, similarity of EMBRYOS from different beings, MERELY ESTABLISHES the common DNA Gamete and Egg/Sperm system of Reproduction!

In pure logic, this does not mean by any means that HUMANS DESCEND by "MAGIC/EVOLUTION" from a common "INFERIOR" ancestor, and not from INCEST merely and an initial BIG GENE POOL...!!!


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