Thursday, May 14, 2015

More of my art: "evolution & aerodymanics...!"

More of my art: "evolution & aerodynamics...!"

...Evolution & Aerodynamics, is not by far the evolution of human planes and aerodynamics...!!! Evolution, beings develop their own wings with "no prior design" and learn to fly...!!! how many failed models and failed beings (= lost links) required, has never been calculated...!!!

...different gravitational forces, and way less would be required for the life of true huge mega Dinosaur fossils...! under the current World gravitation, the biggest beings are elephants, and they move quite in slow motion style, and do hit the ground hard and find it hard to get up again...!!! with less gravitation, you could have bigger flying beings and insects also...!!!

...BUT WHY FLY FOR IF YOU ARE NOT AN INSECT OR BEE POLEM FERTILIZER, I DO NOT KNOW...! Aerodynamics of jets and planes is really aerody-maniacs...! Flying you can kill yourself too easily, splat...!!!