Monday, May 18, 2015

"Just'n" got Windows 8.1 pro and new HP Notebook to install from scratch...! "Waiting" for Windows 10, in another 3 to 5 years, since the first software I used of CPM and Ms-Dos and WIndows 3...!

F9 please

Other "F" for Setup



I have used computers since CPM, Ms-Dos, Windows 3, Win98, Win Millennium, Windows Xp, Vista, 'Windows 7 Ultimate 32'''...!

...Loving Windows 8.1 Pro complete Format of HD and new install with DVD of 64 bits on a HP 15.6", AMD8, DVD-CD "Tray", 8Gb RAM, 2GHZ and 1TB HD...! Nice and thin and light...!

...I like doing double boot, and separate GRUB boot DEBIAN Linux...!!!

...Quite compatible with "old software" and sometimes not! Most of my common software can be found for WIndows 8...!

...Other old good software has to be run on WINDOWS XP, VISTA or WIndows 7...!!!

So I am sure they have decided to compete with ANDROID with Windows 10...!

I find it hard to USE Apple as I cannot find a Free firewall for it...!

I USE COMODO Free Firewall, with the option of the buy version...!

Any details to do this is a matter of some settings and Web search...!